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TMEC Swim Club
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TMEC has always and will continue to focus on developing proper swimming technique. The results of our teaching strategy can be seen in the performance of our athletes. Our objective is to develop an environment where all athletes are provided with the opportunities necessary to reach their individual goals of success as a competitive swimmer.

TMEC uses the method of group progression. Swimmers will move through a three stage progression categorized as Stroke and Competition Readiness School, Competitive Training and Senior Level Training.

  • Stroke and Competition Readiness School is designed to introduce new skills as swimmers are ready. It also prevents swimmers from competing in strokes or events before proper techniques have been developed.
  • Competitive Training groups are designed for athletes to develop their competitive skills, work ethic and goals.
  • Senior Level Training groups are designed for athletes to develop the work habits and techniques needed for senior level competition.
The seven groups that make up our Stroke Schools are Streamline, Kick , Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly and Turns. All Stroke Schools will practice five days a week but daily attendance will not be required. Be aware, however, that most swimmers progress much faster when they swim more often. Streamline, Kick, Free, and Back Schools will swim 30 minutes with a specific goal for each practice. Breast, Fly and Turn Schools will swim 45 minutes.
For a list of requirements for advancing from group to group click here  Swimmers just coming out of Turn School will be put into the Competitive Group. There are five groups levels within the competitive groups, these are Pre-competitive, Copper, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Additionaly the competitive groups are split into two age groups, these are 10-unders and 11-ups. From competitive groups your swimmer will move on to our Senior Level Training groups. Senior Development and Senior are our two Senior Level groups. Entry to these last groups will be by coach selection and will require additional commitment.