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University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Sarah Meierotto 2011-12 Headshot Sara Meierotto – North Pole   Kelly Meierotto 2011-12 Headshot  Kelly Meierotto - North Pole
Kyle Perkins 2011-12 Headshot Kyle Perkins - North Pole       Eden Gumaer - Nome
 Cassidy Heaton - West Valley  Martha Hood - IDEA
Kendra Day - Lathrop Tori Reiss - Lathrop
Madison Franz - West Valley Denise Howard - North Pole
Laura Solie - West Valley Brooke Underwood - West Valley
Felina Rosadiuk - Lathrop Karin Wagner - North Pole
Jamie Bratten - Lathrop Zoe Kjera - Lathrop
Katie Mohrmann - West Valley Adriana Dietrich - West Valley 
Megan Humphrey - Lathrop Danielle Rawlins - North Pole
Tracey Lammer - Nome Amanda Mortenson - Lathrop
Gina Paskvan - Lathrop Abigail Angaiak - West Valley
Jessica Williamson - North Pole  


 Alyssa Keill – Lathrop
 Minnesota State University - Mankato
 Lauren Finley Lauren Finley – North Pole
 Anne Goering – West Valley
 Keegan Severns – Lathrop
Wright State University
 Gregory Evershed - Hutchison HS
Colorado Mesa State
  Drew Vanderneer - West Valley
 Yuki Nagaoka - West Valley