Water Polo


Seattle Summer Water Polo League


We encourage all boys and girls to come out and participate in the great sport of water polo. Boys and girls of all ages and abilities are encourage to participate (please feel free to come down and try it out anytime). We try to have as much fun as possible as we try to get in good shape and work on skills necessary to compete at water polo. If you don’t know much about the sport, it is a great team sport similar to soccer except instead of running and kicking you swim and throw the ball into a goal. Kids who love other sports, particularly basketball, soccer and baseball, usually have a great time playing water polo. We have various age groups, with coed, boys and girls teams as we compete against other SSSL swim clubs. Currently, we have 11 clubs participating.  Although we have introduction practices in July, our main season is in August between, the end of swimming and Labor Day.  We will need as many kids as possible to get involved so feel free to invite your any of your friends and teammates from other sports to join in as well.


We start regular daily practices and games as soon as the All City Swim Championship Meet is completed.  Due to the relative shortness of the season, we start right away with games in the first week.  We welcome any and all kids whether it’s for one day/one week/one month or the whole summer!


Nothing is more exciting and fun as championship week. The closest examples might be March Madness and the Super Bowl. All the league teams compete to determine each age group and girl’s champion. Sunday through Tuesday is the initial tournament style games that trim 8 or more teams down to 2 in each division. Wednesday & Thursday nights are the Finals that determine the Champions.  This is our most important week so if at all possible do not miss this week! 


Nonmembers are welcome, and encouraged to join in the fun on a space available basis. WE REALLY NEED as many of your friends from school, sport teams or the neighborhood to help supplement all of our teams.


Adults are encouraged to join in at any of the practices or special events. The biggest help we could use from the parents is providing rides for the kids to the away games. If you could drive anyone else, please don’t hesitate to let people know.  We would like to have a parent Rep volunteer to help coordinate the team activities and work with the pool board if someone is so inclined.  Each year we also look for one parent to represent our club on the SSSL Water Polo Board. Very little time is required if you are interested.