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At the Meet

Attending the "1st Meet"

1. It is important for every swimmer to know what event number he/she is swimming (they should probably have the numbers on their hand). He/she may swim right away after warm-up or they may have to wait awhile.

2. Usually each event has more swimmers than there are lanes in the pool, therefore several "heats" of swimmers will be assigned. Each swimmer will also be assigned a lane in which to swim. Heat and Lane Assignments will be posted somewhere on the pool deck before each event occurs. Swimmers need to locate their name on their event when it is posted and report their heat and lane assignment to their coach.

3. The swimmer then needs to report to their lane prepared to swim (with their cap and goggles).
  • Swimmers are usually asked to stand behind the timers until their heat is up. The swimmer then swims his/her race. The team will be happy to appoint an older swimmer to be at the blocks to help beginning racers (speak with your coach for more info)
  • Parents: please understand swimmer must gain the independence to handle this step on their own. Meet policy does not allow parents behind or in the timing/starting area unless officially timing for the meet.

4. After each swim:

  • He/she is to ask the timers his/her time.
  • He/she should go immediately to their coach. The coach will ask him/her their time and discuss the swim with each swimmer.

5. Things parents can do after each swim:

  • Tell him/her how great they did! The coaching staff will be sure to discuss stroke technique with them. You need to tell him/her how proud you are and what a great job he/ she did. (this balance creates better long term results)
  • Take the swimmer back to the team area, dry off & dress warm,  and relax.
  • This is another good time to use the restroom, drink water, and have something LIGHT to eat.

6. The swimmer now waits until his/her next event is posted and starts the procedure again.

7. When a swimmer has completed all of their events, they and their parents may leave. Make sure, however, the parent has checked with the coach before leaving to assure the swimmer is not included on a relay.