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What to Bring

1. Most important: Swim suit team cap, and goggles. (Bring baby powder to dust the inside of the cap.)


2. Towels. Realize your swimmer will be there awhile, so pack at least two. (They will use their towel a lot more than at a normal practice, it will get wet and cold)


3. Food. It's best to brings low fat, healthy snacks. Baked potatoes, sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, granola bars, and yogurt are good choices. Avoid candy and other sugary products.


4. Drinks. Bring fruit juices, Gatorade-type drinks, and lots of water. Avoid sugary, carbonated drinks, and caffeine.

5. Clothes, shoes, and hats, and sunscreen. Bring a couple of changes of dry clothes. Swimmers should also have skid-resistant sandals or shoes to wear on the pool deck. T-shirts and hats should be worn to protect the swimmer from over-exposure to the sun. Avoid spending a lot of time in the sun. This can drain energy from the swimmer as well as cause dehydration.


6. Games. If this is a long meet (some can last late in the afternoon, with 1-2 hours between your swimmer's events) be sure to bring Game Boys, books, travel games, etc, to help pass the time.


7. Other comfort items: Chairs and blankets to sit on, umbrellas for shade or rain, or a small tent for privacy and protection from weather.