For questions, please contact SUNN Gear Coordinator   (



Order your NEW 2013-2014 SUNN Team T-shirt now!!!

The shirts are $10 each, checks payable to Sunnyvale Swim Club.  Staple check to order form and place in GEAR folder at your pool.  Shirts are 50% cotton 50% polyester.


Order deadline is Sept 30.


Place your order today!!!

Every swimmer in the Team photo is required to wear this SUNN t-shirt.  Get shirts for the whole family.


Shirts will be distributed and worn on Team Picture Day, October 19th.  (FYI the Team Picture day may need to move due to meet scheduling conflicts, stay tuned.)




The SpiritWear store sells a wide selection of long and short sleeved shirts, sweatshirts and pants, hats, swim towels, and more available in youth, men's and women's styles and sizes.  You can choose the logo that you prefer and customize your item.  Pay with a credit card and have the item shipped directly to your home.  This is the easiest and most timely way to order your SUNN gear.



SUNN periodically places consolidated orders for special team gear commemorating a special event or championship season.  To participate in the consolidated order, your order form must be in the "SUNN Gear" or "SUNN Wear" folder at your pool no later than the order dateline.  Several emails will go out reminding you of the upcoming deadline. 


Additionally, SUNN has the following in-stock t-shirts available for purchase:


White SUNN T-shirts are available now in men's and women's styles.  The men's style shirt is also available in youth sizes.  The men's and youth sizes are $10.  The women's shirt is $12.  To order, contact SUNN Gear Coordinator   (






Training equipment may be purchased through the following vendors:

SwimOutlet – Our SUNN website has a link to SwimOutlet (Home page on the lower right-    hand corner under “Partners”).  SUNN will receive a portion of all orders placed through this link.


Sports+Basement A 10% off Sports Basement coupon can be found in the filing cabinet at our pools.  Use the coupon and you receive 10% off your purchase as well as SUNN receives 10% of your total purchase.  1177 Kern Ave Sunnyvale, CA 94085
(408) 732-0300.


Palo Alto Sport – Palo Alto Sport Shop offers a discount to SUNN Swimmers

526 Waverley Street, Palo Alto, CA 94301 (650) 328-8555)


NorCal Swim Shop-

5124 Stevens Creek Blvd # 10 San Jose, CA 95129-1019 (408) 248-7946




Where can I purchase/order Team Apparel and Equipment?

Swim caps - Each swimmer will receive a SUNN latex swim cap at the first meet.If your swimmer doesn’t receive one, just ask your coach.  Silicon SUNN caps can be purchased from your coach for $13.  Latex caps to use during practice are $3.  At least once per season, we will place a group order for personalized SUNN caps.  We must have a minimum number of orders to do this.  Details will be communicated in the newsletter and email.


Swim suits – SUNN does not require a team suit at practices or swim meets.  Suits with the team logo can be ordered through Palo Alto Sports.  Suits without the team logo can be ordered through Swim Outlet.


All suits must meet the Fina regulations:

  1. Swimsuits for men may not extend above the navel or below the knee and for women may not cover
  2. the neck or extend past the shoulders or below the knee;
  3. Material used for swimsuits can be only textile fabric which is defined as materials consisting of
  4. natural and/or synthetic, individual and non-consolidated yarns used to constitute a fabric by weaving,
  5. knitting, and/or braiding; and
  6. No zippers or other fastening devices are allowed except for a waist tie on a brief or jammer.


Parkas and warm-ups: 



Parkas and warm-ups are available through Palo Alto Sports or SwimOutlet. 


To order through Palo Alto Sports, download the  Order Form. This form can be taken to Palo Alto Sport where sizes can be tried on before ordering.  Palo Alto will contact you when your order is completed.  Please note that parka orders can take up to two months to complete during the fall and early winter.  Get your orders in early to have a warm parka when winter comes.


Parkas can also be ordered through  Please remember to go to the SwimOutlet link on our homepage first so that SUNN will earn a portion of your order.  By ordering through SwimOutlet, you are responsible for specifying all the parameters of the parka (colors, letter sizing, etc.) and you will not be able to try on sizes in advance.  The specifications for the SUNN parka are as follows:

Shell Color: Navy
Lining Material: 19 Oz. Arctic Fleece
Lining Color: Gold
Front Embroidery: First And Last Names On Front - Block
Embroidery Color: Gold
Embroidery Text: Your Swimmers Name Here if you want it
Tackle Twill Lettering (Back): Yes
Tackle Twill Info:"SUNN" Four 4" Plain Block letters 2 colors-gold letters with white trim (gold on the outside with white trim behind - the predominant color is gold.)