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14 NAC Seniors Commit to College Teams!

It's the time of year when high school seniors research, take trips and deliberate where they want to go for College. As swimmers they face an even more difficult decision, having to choose their teammates and coaches for the next 4 years. Seniors are allowed by the NCAA to take up to 5 recruiting visits to the college of their choice in order to get a feel for what school / team fits them best. November 11-18, 2009 was the first signing period for these swimmers where they will officially sign papers and commit to their chosen schools. April 14-August 1 is the second signing period. NAC would like to congratulate the following swimmers on their college commitments:

Brian Bolton University of Texas
Parker Camp University of Virginia
Seth Akers-Campbell Brown University
Rachel Curtiss Middleberry College
Megan Goss Northwestern University
Dakota Hodgson Auburn University
Pat Killian Yale University
Jack Murfee University of Virginia
Daniel Musselwhite University of Evansville
Eleanor Phillips University of San Diego
Lexi Piranian Eastern Michigan University
Caroline Reeves University of Tennessee
Grace Anne Sanderson University of Tennessee
Madison Wenzler University of Texas

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Kellyn Angell

Kellyn Angell


Taylor Camp

West Virginia University
Brentwood High School ('08)

University of Tennessee
Harpeth Hall ('08)

Erik Campbell

Rhodes College
Ravenwood High School ('08)

Photo Unavailable

Eliz Grainger

Tufts University

Mike Crady

University of Kentucky
Franklin High School ('08)

Deirdre Jones

University of Michigan

Paschall Davis

University of Tennessee


Annie Killian

Yale University
Harpeth Hall ('07)

Chris Housden
Western Kentucky University
Franklin High School ('08)

Mary Killian

Princeton University
Harpeth Hall ('08)

Hayes Johnson

University of Texas
Home School ('08)


Jennifer Kwok

Southern Illinois University
Bowling Green (KY) High ('08)

Garrett Kierns
Garrett Keirns

Xavier University

Sarah Peterson

University of Florida
Franklin High School ('06)

Curtis Lovelace

Stanford University
Montgomery Bell Academy ('08)

Alex Pierce

Michigan State

Alan Maher

University of Texas
Brentwood High School ('06)


Ashley Ramsden

Columbia University
Harpeth Hall ('07)

Auburn University
Brentwood High School ('07)

Kaitlin Ray

Duke University
Harpeth Hall ('07)

Jordan Slaughter

University of Arizona
Brentwood High School ('08)

Rebecca Senn

James Madison

William Varley
William Varley

Western Kentucky

Sara Shapiro

Virginia Tech University
Brentwood High School ('06)

virginia tech

Jackson Wilcox

University of Texas
Ensworth High School ('08)

Jackson's 2009 World Championship Travel Blog


Photo Unavailable

Stephanie Wild

Gardner Webb


Samantha Williams

Brown University
Harpeth Hall ('08)


Sydney Witzky

University of Kentucky
Franklin High School ('06)


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