Swim Supplies

Go Osprey!  Our team colors are Red, White and Blue.  Columbia Gorge Masters - you get some nice green in your team colors!

Swimmers can purchase team caps from the coaches at the pool - $5 for latex and $12 for silicone.  Special t-shirts and sweatshirt orders happen once or twice a year to get our team apparel.  Contact Coach Shelly for HRVST apparel, and talk to Sandi Rousseau if you are interested in Columbia Gorge Masters items.

If you need swim suits, goggles by the dozen, fins, or anything else you can find that locally or online.


Here in Hood River our local supplier for all swimming related items is Shortt Supply downtown.  They carry swim suits and goggles and fins and other supplies you might need for competitive swimmers.  Brian and Karen are great supporters of all sports in the Hood - be sure to check them out first! is our online supplier for the HRVST and CGM.  At absolutely no cost to you they send our team a check for 8% of everything that is purchased thru this website link.   Click on the link below and purchases automatically are attributed to our team.