Super-Skills Clinics

Super-Skills & Strokes Clinic Overview

"Super-Skills Clinics" are designed to spend nearly 2 of our 2.5 hours teaching one or two skills to a swimmer. Coach Warner takes the view of what type of start or turn or underwater propulsion an Olympic champion have and then works backwards to bring the young swimmer as close to the model as possible in the period of time given. A good example is backstroke start and underwater dolphin kick. For his last eight years at Rutgers his swimmers  owned all the women's records in the short fly and backstroke events in the Big East Conference. This is due in large part to the development of starting and underwater dolphin kicking techniques.

Early in each clinic every swimmer is so they can sees their current technique on video. Then with dozens of feedback (both video and verbal) in the next 90 minutes or so each swimmer is brought to the best level they can possibly get to see it again to see their progress and note what to continue to work on.

We have upgraded our class room to the Raritan Bay Y Aquatic Center. Here we have warmer water, more space, a better video presentation auditorium and improved hours for our clinics.

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"Super-Strokes & Skills Clinics" are designed to retrain and refresh a swimmers stroke technique toward a world class model. They feature 2.5 hours of combined video group instruction on world class stroke technique with the ARETE Swim Camp's progression of stroke development from floating to body position on through recovery and propulsion. About 1/3 of the clinic is focused on starts and turns.

The Super-Strokes & Strokes Clinics feature a approximately a 1:10 coach to swimmer ratio and work with many of the ARETE Swim Camp staff. We will use a warm-water pool for the youngest swimmers.