Hamilton YMCA Aquatic Club
WWW.HAMILTONAQUATICS.COM is our team’s official website. Highlights include program and registration information and forms, practice and meet calendars, Parent Association Board roster (with e-mail links), meet results, team records, driving directions, and a glossary of swimming terms (especially useful for parents and swimmers new to the sport). Once the season is underway, visitors will also find timely information such as late-breaking news, schedule changes, and announcements about periodic meetings and clinics. Be sure to bookmark this site and visit it on a regular basis.

Northern YMCA League Website
This is the website for the YMCA league that our team competes in. It's a new site and all of the links are not all functional so please be patient while they get up and running.

FINA (Federation Internationale de Natation Amateur)
This is the official website for FINA, the Federation Internationale de Natation Amateur, is the international governing organization of amateur aquatic sports. If you need information about information about swimming, this is your one-stop resource. From their home page alone, you can access an information center, calendar, FINA news, world rankings, competition results, and some international swimming links. Also from the home page, you can link directly to the International Swimming Hall of Fame and a wealth of FINA reference material, including their constitution, publications, and press releases.

USA Swimming
This is the official website for USA Swimming (formerly United States Swimming, Inc.). As you might expect, this site contains just about any type of information you could want about swimming in the United States. There is far too much information to try to itemize here, but the more useful pages cover: age group time standards, records, and Top 16/Top 100; online access to USAS forms and publications; athlete stories and profiles, and meet results. Their swimming news is timely and thorough, the discussions forums can be interesting, and the links will take you to just about anywhere that is swimming-related. This site’s emphasis on our national-level swimmers and programs is its strength.

New Jersey Swimming

This is the official website for New Jersey Swimming, the USA Swimming local swim committee (LSC) with which the Hamilton YMCA Aquatic Club is affiliated. It features sections for meet results, news, policies, Zone rules, Board of Directors, New Jersey Olympians, a link to USA Swimming, and a directory of clubs affiliated with New Jersey Swimming (including club name, club ID, contact person, and phone number). The more interesting pages at the site cover New Jersey Swimming age group records, time standards, and meet results.

YMCA Swimming and Diving
The National YMCA has finally developed a website dedicated to its competitive swimming program. With a click of the mouse, web surfers can now access results of YMCA Short Course and Long Course Nationals, YMCA Top 16 lists, YMCA Nationals qualifying times, team links, officials training information, and YMCA Masters Nationals information. Most of this information, when available, was previously available only on individual teams’ sites.

Middle Atlantic Swimming
This is the official website for Middle Atlantic Swimming, a USA Swimming local swim committee (LSC) serving Southern New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Besides pages that are specifically geared toward serving the MAS membership, the site includes pages that may be of interest to New Jersey swimmers. These pages include swimming news, meet schedules, meet results, and Middle Atlantic Swimming age group records. Their swimming links are outstanding.

National Interscholastic Swimming Coaches Association
NISCA is the National Interscholastic Swimming Coaches Association, a professional organization for interscholastic swimming, diving, and water polo coaches. NISCA’s most visible programs are the swimming, diving, water polo and academic All America programs. Application forms for these programs are sent each summer to every high school in the United States that offers a swimming program. All America time standards and national records are also listed on this site.

Pages of special interest to Hamilton Aquatics’ swimmers and parents at this website will be National Records (where you’ll find the names of former HACer Christine Williams and current HACer Tara Erwin), NISCA National Power Point information and conversion tables, and information on All-America time standards and listings of former NISCA high school All-Americans. On the national records pages, you can review records for men and women by public or independent schools and for 25-yard and 25-meter pools.

New Jersey Online High School Swimming Forum
Get the latest buzz on the New Jersey swimming scene on New Jersey Online’s high school swimming forum. The name of this site is deceptive as the site monitor permits discussion of all avenues of competitive swimming — high school, USA Swimming, YMCA Swimming, and summer competition. The site now requires participants to register via a screen name of their own choosing. This new procedure has virtually eliminated the trash talking, but it has also seriously reduced the volume of posts made to the forum. The site does feature an ALERT button you can use to report inappropriate posts. The site is often informative and entertaining, but has become less addictive with the significant reduction of site traffic. Children younger than age 13 are asked to refrain from posting messages.

New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association
The New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA), through its Executive Committee, sets forth the rules and regulations governing high school athletics in the state of New Jersey. Its primary goal is to equalize competition for member schools. The association also sponsors championship tournaments or meets in many sports, including swimming. Warning – this site is notorious for not being up-to-date. On this site you can find past results of the team swimming tournaments and individual swimming championships. When they’re finally posted, you can also view, print, or download the tournament meet packages for team and individual swimming. To do this, select “Tournament Regs” under “Event Info” from the menu bar on the left side of the home page. Then, click on “Tournament Downloadable Files” and then on “Winter Season Files.”

Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association
The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) sets forth the rules and regulations governing high school athletics in the state of Pennsylvania. Like its New Jersey counterpart (see “New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association,” above), the association also sponsors championship tournaments or meets in many sports, including swimming. Information about specific sports is available through the “Select A Sport” drop box in the upper-right corner of the home page or via the “Sports Center” selection on the left side of the home page. Warning: this site is not as easy to navigate as it used to be.

NCAA Site for the College-Bound Student Athlete
This NCAA-maintained website is a MUST VISIT for any swimmers (or other athletes) who are even considering competing on the college level. Arguably the most important section to visit at this site is the one for the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse for Division I and II athletes. The available information here addressing NCAA sports is exhaustive. Some of the more interesting or important pages to visit cover academic eligibility, recruiting, the National Letter of Intent, and sports agents.

NCAA Men’s Swimming
This is where web swimmers should point their mice to hit the mother lode of information on NCAA men’s swimming (for NCAA women’s swimming; see below). This website is very well organized, making it easy to find information or results by NCAA division (I, II, or III). Each division’s section includes pages for sponsoring schools, qualifying standards for the championship meet, and plenty of championships information (such as meet sites, ticket information, television schedules, meet previews, and meet results). General NCAA swimming and diving news and links to other NCAA sports are just some of the other NCAA-related web pages you can access from this site.

NCAA Women’s Swimming
This is a virtual clone of the NCAA Men’s Swimming website described above except that it addresses the women’s side of NCAA swimming. See NCAA Men’s Swimming, above, for details.

Swim City
This is an interesting swimming site that appears to be foreign-based and still developing. There’s a little something for everyone at this website, including an intriguing link list of international clubs and other swimming sites. The highlight of this site, however, is a comprehensive set of swimming graphics whose files are believed to be in the public domain — translated, that means you don’t have to feel guilty about using unregistered software because these graphics are truly legal for you to use for free. Types of graphics available at the site are: black and white logos, color logos, fun graphics, backgrounds, buttons, animated graphics, miscellaneous graphics, and separators. Bookmark this site to satisfy your need for swimming-related graphics.

SwimInfo — Swimming World Magazine and SWIM Magazine Online
SwimInfo is a comprehensive swimming website from the publishers of Swimming World, SWIM, and Swim Technique magazines. It features timely articles of swimming news, online articles from their three swimming magazines, training and racing techniques, meet results, and a swim shop. On this site you can also register to receive their free monthly online newsletter. It’s delivered directly to your e-mailbox.

Swimming Times
Swimming Times is a simple, easy-to-use online database featuring over 1.1 million swims by over 95,000 individual swimmers. The site was built and is maintained by an individual with a swimming background who was interested in knowing how other swimmers — primarily his friends and local competitors — were doing. The site was dormant for many years, but the webmaster has revived it and aggressively solicits meet results from both USAS and YMCA meets nationwide. Times from many of Hamilton Aquatics’ larger meets can be found in the database. Users can search the database by swimmer, event, or meet. There is no site registration or usage fee. This site is definitely worth a visit.

BeRecruited is the fastest growing and best known fee-based recruiting database for college-bound swimmers on the internet. The BeRecruited database contains records for thousands of swimmers and hundreds of collegiate coaches, and was recently confirmed by College as the "the largest recruiting database on the web." The service was created for high school swimmers by current NCAA swimmers.

By registering on the BeRecruited site, college coaches have instant access to your personal, academic, and athletic profile, and you have instant access to them. You have the ability to create a personal profile that can find its way to hundreds of swim coaches via automatic e-mail notifications. A special site tool enables you to search among university and program profiles created by the coaches themselves. The site also provides swimmers a wide variety of helpful tools and articles geared specifically toward college-bound athletes.

Registration fees are $14.99 for a three-month subscription or $39.99 for a permanent membership. The competition for collegiate athletic scholarship dollars being as fierce as it is, this may be a small price to pay to significantly improve the chances of your swimmer being noticed by a college swim coach.

Swim Recruiting Online
Swim Recruiting Online is the recruiting website for the budget-minded. This website offers swimmers the opportunity to create a FREE online profile that can be updated at any time. The Swim Recruiting Online database can be searched on several criteria: gender, stroke, distance, time, and course. The site includes a “Swim Links” link that jumps you to a site named “Swim Search.” Swim Search — — offers the user a wealth of swim-related links.

Dr. Allen Goldberg
Competitive Advantage: Sports Psychology and Mental Toughness

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