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Time Standards Made Easy


Introduction: Time standards above are a set of guidelines that are used for meet qualifying and meet entry purposes. They are derived from the prior year(s) meet results and are broken down by age, gender, and divisions (or levels).


There are two sets of time standards used in Hawaii age group swimming. One is the Hawaiian Time Standards set by Hawaiian Swimming, the Hawaii LSC (Local Swimming Committee), which is responsible for administering USA Swimming activities in Hawaii. The other set is the National Age Group Time Standards set by the national USA Swimming governing organization. The time standards for this year are under TIME STANDARDS on the AULEA website and are also available on the website for Hawaii swimming (www.hawaiiswim.org).


Hawaiian time standards: For most Hawaii swim meets, the time standards established by Hawaiian Swimming are used. Hawaii and national times are designated:

Hawaii C

Hawaii B

Hawaii A

Hawaii AA (Hawaii Invitational Qualifying Time)

Hawaii Q (State Champs Qualifying Time)

ZONE (Western Zone Championship Qualifying Time)

SECT (Western Sectional Championship Qualifying Time)

NRT (National Top-16 Reportable Time)

Types of meets: Each swim meet is designated for a certain level of swimming. This designation tells you whether your child is eligible to swim in that meet. All meet designations refer to Hawaiian Swimming time standards unless otherwise specified.  Common meet designations in Hawaii are:

Classified Meets: no age or level restrictions

Hawaii BC or ABC Meet: Hi. A, B, or C level swimmers

Hawaii AA+ Meet: Hi. AA times or faster

Distance Meet: age 11+; specified time standards

Invitational Meets: generally Hawaii AA times or faster

State Age Group Championships: “Q” times or faster

Western Zone Championship: “Z” time or faster

How to use them: When applying time standards to an individual swimmer to determine which category or level your swimmer's time falls into, gather the following and find a quiet, comfortable area: the time standards list, a list of your swimmer’s “best times” to date, a strong magnifying glass, aspirin (for the headache that's sure to follow), and a pillow (to muffle your screams).


First, find the appropriate course type, the correct gender, and the correct age group.  Pick a stroke and distance (e.g. 50 yard freestyle). The times listed in each column are the slowest time to qualify for that category (except for the HI-C time). A swimmer’s level for any specific event is determined by his “best time” swum to date. For example, if your 10 year-old girl’s “best time” in a 50 yard freestyle is 36.45, the slowest qualifying time for a Hawaii AA time is 38.32, and she has a Hawaii AA time. She will need to swim a 34.77 to move to the next “Q” level.


Most swimmers will have times in two or more levels. Thus, an average swimmer may be able to swim some events at a Hawaii ABC meet and others at a Hawaii AA+ or Invitational. If your child's times for the 50 butterfly and the 100 freestyle are Hawaii B times or slower, he may swim those events at an ABC meet OR a classified meet. If his times for the 100 IM and the 50 freestyle are Hawaii AA times, he may swim those events at a Hawaii AA+ meet or at an Invitational meet, but not an ABC meet. He may, at the same time, have a “Q” time in the 50 breaststroke and be eligible to enter that event at the State Championships.


To ensure fair competition USA Swimming requires that swimmers swim each event at the appropriate level. Swims “out of classification” will be voided and will result in sizable monetary fines to the club.


All swimmers should keep track of their best times. This list of best times will tell you which meets you can expect your swimmer to be entered in. The Time Database section of the Aulea website is the first place to look for times. Another place to look is on the USA Swimming website.


Actually, it is not as complicated as it sounds. After just a few meets, even the youngest swimmers seem to understand the levels and what they are working toward. If you think your swimmer is not being entered in all the meets he/she is qualified to enter, don't hesitate to talk to the coaches. If you have questions, just ask!