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Yellow and Blue Noon Hour Work Outs
April 16 and April 18
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Yellow 11:30 to 12:30
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Want to try the Adult Swim Program (Masters) before deciding to join?

Well !!! Come on down, bring your suit, goggles, towel, and try a few sessions.  That's all that is needed to try us out, your gear, your energy, and we'll provide some motivation !!!  

No need to pre-ask either. Just come on down to the pool during any Masters Hours and tell the Adult Swim Coach on Deck that you are there to try out the program.  Look for the coaches that are coaching adults. The Adult Swim Coach will welcome you, and ask you a few questions.  

We have a program for all levels of Adult Swimmers. Come join the fun today !!!!  

Please try to attend a session based on your abilities, we have 4 levels.  

Gold, fairly experienced swimmer. Blue, swimming primarily for fitness - average swimmer. Yellow, novice, instructional, Swimmer can swim up to one lap.  And then we have our Learn to Swim Program which provides Adult Swim lessons. 

For more information please read below.

Santa Clara Swim Club Adult Fitness - Masters Swimming

Santa Clara Swim Club Adult Swim Program is in season year round.  We offer various levels of fitness workouts, as well as, instructional based classes.

If you are interested in learning more about the program all you need is your suit, goggles, cap, towel, and a wavier form.  Come join the fun, and enjoy the fitness.  After a few "try out" sessions, you can officially join our program by clicking on the link below.

If you have further questions in learning more about the program and/or signing up please contact:
Adult Fitness Manager:  Gary Mitchell

All Masters Work Outs are at the International Swim Center, 2625 Patricia Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95051.

Click on Work Out for Work Out Scheduled Times.

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