SDAC Apparel
Team Apparel

We want the swimmers of SDAC to represent our team pride. One way to accomplish this is to wear SDAC apparel when representing our team at a swim meet. Always wear your SDAC suit and swim cap at competitions.

All athletes are required to wear the team suit, team shirt, and team cap at all meets. There is to be no deviation from this unless noted by the Head Coach. One must always remember that they are a part of the SDAC team and show respect to the team colors and have team pride.

Also, there are specific styles of suits that may be worn by swimmers depending on their accomplishment level. The purpose of the restriction is to prevent swimmers (and their families) from purchasing expensive racing suits when a basic suit, more inexpensive suit will satisfy the swimmer’s needs. The following table outlines the SDAC suit policy.

If your swimmer is.... Wear this style team suit
In the Pre-competitive group     
and/or an A-level, B-level,
or C-level swimmer     
A plain black Speedo endurance suit
Junior Olympics Swimmer
(for individual event qualifiers,
not relay only swimmers)
A plain black Speedo Aquablade suit or
A plain black Speedo endurance suit
Far Western Swimmer,
Zone Swimmer,
Sectional Swimmer,
National Swimmer
A black Speedo FSII or
A plain black Speedo Aquablade suit or
A plain black Speedo endurance suit

Additionally, apparel awards are provided for swimmers who attend the following meets:

Swim Meet Outfitting Award
San Diego Imperial     
Junior Olympic Championships
Sectionals Championships
(for individual event qualifiers only)   
Sweatsuit, swim suit (FSII or PRO), t-shirt
Junior/National Championship (Outfitting by Speedo twice a year)   
Sweatsuit, swim suit, t-shirt, swim bag
    Any other outfitting awards will be determined by the coaching st


Example T-Shirts and Caps


Team Store and Attire

SDAC uses a local swim vendor to provide each family with all of their swimmer’s equipment needs. It is:

  • Paradowski’s Swim & Sport
  • 7962 Convoy St.
  • San Diego, CA
  • (858) 569-6949

Team suits and goggles are recommended for each new swimmer. Team caps are required at all levels of competition. Warm-ups, equipment bags, t-shirts, sweatshirts and other items are available for purchase and are marked with team name and/or logo. The SDAC team vendor conducts sizing days at each pool in the Spring and in the Fall. At all other times, families need to deal directly with the vendor.

Parkas are a highly recommended item to keep swimmers comfortable after workouts, between events at meets and during inclement weather. Parkas may be purchased directly through the SDAC Boosters Club.

For more information about SDAC team suits and accessories, please refer to the Team Apparel Handbook (221 KB)