RBSD Forms

Ticket To Play

To get your "Ticket-to-Play", get all forms listed below from the athletic office. Bring ALL signed forms to the Athletic Office to receive your ticket. Forms must be received by January 29, 2010.

  1. Physical
  2. Coaches Medical Information Release
  3. Ethics In Sports
  4. Residence Verification/Hazing Policy
  5. Signature Page
  6. Handbook (information only)
A Ticket-to-Play is required the first day of tryouts.

Please read the Ticket-to-Play Eligibility for information on scholastic eligibility requirements.

Swimmer Forms

Swimathon Information

  1. 2011 RB Swim and Dive Meet and Event Schedule
    (1 page)  
  2. 2010 RB Swim and Dive Program
    (3 pages)  
  3. 2011 Training Cycle
    (1 page)
  4. Spirit Pack Order Form
    (Print and Complete, 1 page)
  5. Code Of Conduct
    (Print and complete, 1 pages)
  6. 2010 Swimathon and Divathon
    (1 page)
  7. 2010 Swimathon/Divathon Pledge Form
    (Print and complete, 1 page)

As a result of recent budget reductions at both the state and local levels, District funding for athletic transportation has been eliminated. We believe strongly that the safe transport of our student-athletes to their contests is our #1 priority. Although the District has the available school bus fleet resources, the cost for these services falls upon our athletic department.
In order to continue to maintain transportation for athletic trips, we are imposing a fee of $90.00 per athlete per school year, regardless of the number of sports seasons your student plays. For those families with multiple athletes, there is a cap of $180.00. Transportation Fee Form