Team Information


Swimming with MESA Swim Team

Have a question about joining MESA Swim Team?  Email our Registrar!

MESA is a Summer Swim Team - our season runs from May 15 to July 25.  MESA swims in the Boulder Valley Summer Swim League (BVSSL).  Our team consists of about 140 swimmers from 95 families.  Practices are weekday evenings.  There are six swim meets on Saturday mornings in June and July.  Special meets also occur through the season and there is a League Championships to wrap up the season.

Main Team Requirements

The “Main Team” is the official swim team, where swimmers compete at BVSSL meets within their age groups.  To swim on the main swim team, swimmers must be able to swim front crawl with rotary breathing and swim backstroke and breaststroke for 50 yards each, and have a basic knowledge of butterfly.  They must also be able to swim any stroke continuously for eight minutes.  Swimmers must also be eligible to swim per BVSSL eligibility requirements.

Pre-Team Requirements

Due to COVID restrictions, we will not be able to offer a pre-team this season.  We really hope to accommodate all younger and inexperienced swimmers in the 6:00 - 6:45 p.m. practices where we plan on having more coaches on deck to be able to focus more on your kids' development.  COVID lane capacity restrictions and having all 8 lanes available may actually help by giving kids more space to develop.