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Giving back to the community is a great advertising tool for local business owners!!

When you sponsor WCSC, your business will be advertised at our All City meet at the level you choose.  We have several options to fit every size business. 

At All City, your message will reach our 1,500 swimmers and their families in July at the Clarke Memorial Swim Center. These are families that live and purchase goods and services in the Walnut Creek area. With the economy poised for growth, this is the time for businesses like yours to take advantage of smart advertising opportunities like the ones the All-City Meet has to offer!


  • Locally Targeted
  • Young Family Demographic
  • Well over 3000 sets of eyes and ears


Sponsorship Levels

Palladium - $10,000

  • Listed as Team & All City Title Sponsor on all recruiting docs including ads, flyers and website
  • All City & Team Title Sponsor , key placement in program/full page ad, banner, tee, booth & PA
  • individual banner
  • key position on all apparel & cap
  • front page, banner & link


Platinum -$5,000


  • Logo/Name on TOP of recruiting flyer & newspaper ad
  • All City Meet Sponsor, key placement in program/full page ad, banner, tee, booth & PA
  • individual banner
  • key position on all apparel & cap
  • front page, banner & link


Gold  - $2,500


  • Logo name at bottom of flyer & listed on newspaper ad
  • meet sponsor, full page ad, banner, booth, tee & PA
  • shared banner KEY position
  • team tee & 50th anniversary tee
  • sponsors page & link


Silver - $1,000


  • logo on flyer
  • stroke sponsor (free style), full page ad, shared banner & PA
  • shared banner GOOD position
  • team tee
  • sponsors page & link


Bronze - $500

  • lane sponsor, 1/2 page ad, can post own banner & PA
  • shared banner
  • team tee
  • sponsors page & link


Friends of WCSC - $100

  • heat sponsor
  • listed on web-site as friends of WCSC


Become a Sponsor Today!!!

Please put your business name in the subject field, and include the sponsorship level in which you are interested. Sponsorships are accepted through June.



More Details

Name and/or logo on T-shirt
Every year, over … Walnut Creek All-City Meet T-shirts are sold at the meet. The Title Sponsor alone will have its name and/or logo on the back of the shirt between the shoulder blades and beneath the phrase “Sponsored by”. All printing will be only in black. The sponsor must provide a logo in … format.

Name over PA system
The Title Sponsor will reach thousands of pairs of ears 4 times during the 2-day event. Not only will its name be mentioned, but followed by a 1-2 sentence blurb. The blurb can be a tagline or a special promotion. It can be the same blurb or a different blurb each time. Lane Sponsors are announced once each day and Event Sponsors once during the meet when their sponsored event begins. All sponsors must provide the wording. Banner next to Timing Board

There is one place at the meet to which all eyes turn repeatedly – the timing board on which race results are immediately posted. The Title Sponsor will have its banner hung directly adjacent to the board. The sponsor will, of course, need to provide the banner.

Name and logo on program
Every year, meet-goers purchase over 900 printed meet programs. The Title Sponsor alone will have its name and logo printed on the front cover, near the bottom and underneath the phrase “Sponsored by”. Printing will be in one color. Advertisement in program

The Title Sponsor alone will have a full-page advertisement in the printed program. The 10 Lane Sponsors will have a half-page ad, and all Event Sponsors get a quarter page. Including a coupon as part of your ad is not a bad idea. The sponsor must provide the advertisement. Dimensions for full page are 7.5” x 10”, half page 7.5” x 5”, quarter page 3.75” x 5”.

Logo and link on WCSC homepage
The Title Sponsor will have its name, logo or both in the sidebar of the Walnut Creek Swim Club homepage for one year. The name or logo will link to the sponsor’s homepage. Lane sponsor placards on starting blocks

Each Lane Sponsor will have their name and logo displayed on large placards adhered to both sides of the starting block for their sponsored lane.

Advertisement and link on meet results webpage
The meet results webpage is updated almost in real-time and many swimmers and parents check it at the meet with their mobile devices or after the meet on their home computers. Lane Sponsors will have click-through advertisement in the sidebar. Advertisements are limited to text – a headline of up to 25 characters and two lines of text with up to 35 characters each.

About The Walnut Creek All-City Meet
Back in 1987, Bob and Sherry Budke, two Walnut Creek Swim Club parents, saw the need for an invitational swim meet at which all swimmers could contribute to the success of their teams. Previously, invitationals were big meets to which teams brought all their swimmers, but only the best could expect to place and score. Bob and Sherry conceived of a meet with two flights, where slower swimmers could realistically compete to better their teams’ standings. Thus, the Walnut Creek All-City Meet was born.

Today, the All-City Meet is a vibrant summer spectacle and local tradition. The two-day event boasts an atmosphere of personal accomplishment, friendly competition, cross-town rivalries, team spirit and community pride.

Where will All-City Meet sponsorship funds go?
By sponsoring the Walnut Creek All-City Meet, you are not only taking advantage of a great advertising opportunity but sustaining a fantastic program that brings families together and builds the character of our youth.

Funds raised through this program will be used to offset the costs of:

  • pool rental fees
  • coaching salaries
  • banquet room rental for our award banquet
  • age-group activities and other social events
  • end-of-year trophies and other awards

Please email Fundraising with any questions about sponsoring WCSC!