Swim Meets

Swim Meets

There are a few different types of swim meets during the season. The team’s complete Meet Schedule is posted on the Calendar.

Time Trials -- Time Trials is an intra-squad meet when our swimmers compete against each other in an official meet format to establish their initial times and help the coaches evaluate the “legality” of their strokes. Swimmers are expected to swim all of the events for which they are eligible.  Coaches will make the final determination of what swimmers are eligible for which events. 

We understand that this is usually a very busy weekend for other spring sports. If at all possible, we encourage you to attend at least part of the official Time Trials meet. Even if your swimmer can only stay long enough to compete in one event, it offers them some real race experience.  Swimmers unable to make Time Trials may be timed during practice the following week. Please let the coaches know in writing if you are not going to be there. 

Dual Meets -- Dual meets are when Hallowell swims against one other team.  All Dual meets are swum in 25 meter (M) pools and include a total of 46 individuals and 4 relays. Swimmers receive points based on their finish in each event, as follows: 1st-6 points, 2nd-4 points, 3rd-3 points, 4th-2 points, 5th- 1 point.

There are two categories of dual meets:

  • Saturday morning "A" Meets
  • Wednesday night “B” Meets

"A" Meets are sanctioned by the Montgomery County Swim League (MCSL) and held under rules found in the MCSL Handbook (copies of the Handbook are available at registration or may viewed online at www.mcsl.org), therefore the number of swimmers who can participate is limited. Three boys or girls from each age group will be entered for each event, except for 8 & Under, 9-10, and 11-12 freestyle, in which six boys or girls will be entered.  The line-ups for this meet are determined by the coaches based on the team’s top times, while considering legal stroke techniques. If you know in advance your swimmer will not be able to attend an “A” meet, please notify the coaches in writing at least one week in advance, as it can affect the A meet lineup. Written notes may be placed in the Coaches folder at the pool desk. 

The same event order is used for a B meet as in an A meet, but there are more heats of each event, so that we may accommodate as many swimmers as possible.  B meets offer the swimmers a chance to improve their techniques and times in an organized meet. The times attained in a "B" meet may qualify a swimmer to participate in an upcoming "A" meet.

Please note that the coaches do not determine who swims in the B meet, but rather the swimmers do by signing up.

Please note that for both “A” and “B” meets swimmers should plan on participating in the designated team warm-ups prior to the meet. The warm-up times are communicated prior to every meet, and will vary depending on if the meet is home or away. Warming up is very important to a swimmer’s performance and can help a swimmer avoid injury or soreness.

“A” Meet Lineups

The results of Time Trials will be used to establish who will swim in the first Saturday "A" meet. The top 6 swimmers in freestyle and the top 3 swimmers in each other event, based on individual maximum event limitations, will be included in the A meet line-up. This line-up will be posted outside the guard office during practice on the preceding Thursday.  If you find your name on the line-up, please be sure to check it off if you plan to attend the meet. If you are unable to attend the meet, let Coach Jessica or Coach Matt know immediately.

The “A” meet lineups change weekly, as swimmers improve their times each week. Always check the line-up as it is based on results from the previous week’s “A” and “B” meets. The line-up must allow for some discretionary decisions by the coaches, and sometimes oversights are made. If you have any questions about the line-up, please ask Coach Jessica or Coach Matt directly, or see a Team Rep. 


Relay Carnivals -- Relay Carnivals include all teams from the division and include a variety of relay events. There is a Relay Carnival for both our “A” Meet and “B” Meet leagues. The coaches determine who will swim in the “A” Relay Carnival, while swimmers will sign up for the “B” Relay Carnival as they would for a regular “B” Meet. Coaches will determine the relay teams for the “B” Relay Carnival based on who signs up to participate in the meet.

Any 12 & under swimmer who swims in one or more events in the A Relay Carnival lineup is not eligible to sign up for the B Relay Carnival. 13 & over swimmers who participate in 1 or fewer A Relay Carnival events, may sign up to participate in the B Relay Carnival. 

Swimmers are permitted to “swim up” to another age group, but only if there are no other swimmers eligible.

Divisionals -- At the end of the swimming season, all teams from each division compete in the Division Championship Meet or Divisionals. The top two boys and the top two girls from each age group for each event shall be eligible to swim in Divisionals. In order to compete, a swimmer must have swum in at least one MCSL dual ("A") meet.  The coach will have discretion to select swimmers for events in this meet.

Mini Meets -- During the season, other teams may sponsor “mini” meets only for 8 & under and Pre-Team swimmers. We will publicize these meets as information becomes available. Usually the coaches will recommend one meet for the team to participate in together.

Coaches Invitational Long Course -- The Coaches Long Course Meet includes the top 8 swimmers in all of MCSL from each age group for each event. In the 15-18 age group, this includes swimmers from our area who have qualified for Olympic Trials. This meet is swum in a 50-meter pool at Rockville Municipal Swim Center. It is an honor to qualify to participate in this event, so we encourage everyone to come and cheer on our Hallowell swimmers who make it. More information about this meet and individual rankings are posted on the MCSL website.

All Star Meets -- The top 16 MCSL boys and girls from each age group for each event will qualify for the Individual All Star Meet.  The top 8 relays from the Division A-G Relay Carnivals will qualify for All Star Relays. Rankings for the All-Star meet are updated each week on the MCSL website. The coaches will notify anyone who has qualified for All Stars or All Star Relays once the final rankings have been posted. You can view the rankings on the MCSL website (www.MCSL.org).


Meet Schedule  - lists the dates and locations of our swim meets.    

Meet Declaration  - describes procedures for a swimmer to "declare" that they are

Meet Results  - provides links to a PDF file with complete results from each swim meet.

B Meet Procedures  - describes the procedures to sign-up to swim in a B Meet

Meet Themes  - lists the "theme" for each swim week.  The theme for the meet dictates the swimmer’s costume for our grand entrance to the pool and our team half time skit or dance.  Here are the themes for this year’s meets, so start searching for those costume accessories!

Directions to Meets  - directions from the Hallowell pool to each of the pools where we will swim meets this season.