Anyone who has been to a Swim Meet knows that it takes much effort on the part of volunteers to make it successful!  Each team provides Timers and Recorders for every Meet.  Home teams provide many more volunteers to run their Meet.  Our Team needs help from every family during the course of the season, and we hope that every person can find a job that they would enjoy doing.  We also have positions suitable for disabled individuals and Non-Meet jobs.  Friends and family members are welcome and encouraged to help.

New this year- Each family must complete 3 shifts per child with a 6 shift per family max in order to have their volunteer check returned or shredded. 

VOLUNTEERING IS MANDATORY.  We need your help!  If you have a valid reason you cannot volunteer, please ask the registration board member for a waiver application.  If you are approved to waive your volunteer shifts, we will deposit your volunteer check.  Be sure to check all our volunteer jobs, we are sure there is one that will work out for you!

We hold the checks until mid-July.  At the end of the season, when you have completed your shifts for your family, your volunteer check will be safely shredded.


** If you have swimmers older than 8, sign up for the 2nd Shift starting at Event #39 or 8pm, which will enable family members of younger swimmers to sign-up for the first shift.  This allows those families to go home after their swimmer has completed their events.  6&U age group only swim through Event #38.


For a description of the volunteer opportunities, scroll down.  All volunteers shifts are signed up for online, under your account.  Under the "Events" menu tab, go to the specific meet you wish to work at and click on the “Sign Up For Jobs” button.  There is a reminder sheet in your Swimmer Handbook to write down your position information.  You will also be emailed a reminder a few days prior to the Meet you are scheduled to work at.  We also have openings for specialty jobs if you cannot sit by the pool to time/record.  You will need to contact Tabitha, our Volunteer Coordinator, to sign up for these.  If you cannot sign-up, that means your account is not active, contact the Registration Board Member.   If you acnnot   I



  • Timers:  This is our most popular position.  If you can run a stopwatch and greet swimmers with a friendly face, you are qualified.  Wear clothes and shoes you don't mind getting splashed. This position is behind the lane dive-blocks.  Every Meet needs Timers.
  • Recorders:  After each event, you record the swimmer’s number and times onto the event sheets. Wear clothes and shoes you don’t mind getting splashed. This position is behind the lane dive-blocks.  Every Meet needs Recorders.
  • Snackbar:  Concessions are available during the entire Home Meet but helping out only requires a couple of hours. You will be selling items, making change, preparing food, and setting up or cleaning up the area.  This position is at the concessions area.  Home-Meet position only.  (wheelchair accessible at Home Meets, working as cashier)
  • Hospitality:  Plan and organize hospitality food for volunteers and coaches.  Plan the menu, arrange for purchase, set up the hospitality area, restock as needed.  Hospitality set-up is at 5:30pm. Food service is at 6:30pm and 8:30pm.  Home Meet position only.  Contact Lavena Najera (559) 816-5106 
  • Head-Timer:  Operate 2 back-up stopwatches in case a Timer's watch stops working.  This position is next to the lane dive-blocks.  Home-Meets position only.
  •   in case any of the tTimer'  Home Meet position only H
  • Runners These volunteers pick up the completed event slips from the recorders and take them to the score-keeping table.  You also help the computer person with whatever needs they may have.  This position is at the computer table next to the pool.  Home-Meets position only.
  • Computer Helper:  Organize paperwork for the Computer Person.  Operate a very simple timer system.  A front row seat!  This position is at the computer table next to the pool.  Home Meet position only.  (wheelchair accessible)
  • Deck Parent:  Organize and monitor the swimmers while on deck.  You will lead swimmers to their starting spots.  This requires some pre-training. This training date and time will be announced as soon as we have it available. 
  • Ribbon Helper:  Assist ribbon person to sort and label ribbons during the Meet.  A front row seat!  This position is next to the computer table by the pool.  Home Meet position only.  (wheelchair accessible)
  • Announcer:  Announce upcoming events on the PA System.  This position is next to the computer table by the pool.  A front row seat!  We provide training. We are looking for a part-time announcer.  Home Meet position only.  (wheelchair accessible)
  • Stroke & Turn Judges:  Our league provides training for this position.  Judges watch the swimmer's strokes and kicks for disqualifications at Meets.  We provide a clinic and training which will teach you everything you need to know.  Call Miranda at (360) 720-6359.
  • Non-Timer/Recorder Positions

- Hospitality Food organizer for Home Meets

- Food preparation for Home Meets

- Set-up/Clean-up for Home Meets

- Set-up/Clean-up for Awards Party

- Sort ribbons into swimmer folders for the season

- Sell/promote team tattoos at each Home Meet 


Contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Tabitha Johnson @ (559)381-0023 or to sign-up for these positions or for further information.