Coaches & Instructors

Carrie Nordberg

CONTACT: info/questions important/timely call&text 425-221-9685

Coach Carrie started swimming at the age of 10 and swam competitively for club, summer league and high school teams. She 'retired' at the ripe age of 18 but then joined the Bellevue Y Masters in her mid-twenties and has been swimming ever since! Carrie coached alongside Maudry, the Swim Whisperer, for one season before taking a few years off to have a fourth(!) child.  She has been an assistant and head coach at Woodridge for the past 5 years. Carrie's passion is creating life-long swimmers who can stay in shape, get an endorphin kick, and swim with awesome people their whole life!



Maudry Speight
Those of us that have spent any time at Woodridge Pool knows that Maudry is amazing, the Swim Whisperer.  Maudry has been teaching little ones how to swim for decades. She's one of the most experienced and effective swim instructors you'll ever get the chance to work with. Maudry's passion is to help kids grow in their skills in the water, teach them the values and results of hard work, and have a great time working with them. Don't miss lessons with Maudry. To register, select swim lessons from the registration tab at the top of the page.


Kelsey Booth
Kelsey enjoys working with children and adults alike, as there are unique differences with each group. She has taught swimming lessons for over 25 years in Montana, Oregon, and Washington. Her background includes teaching baby, youth, and adult lessons, as well as coaching swim team, beginner synchronized swimming, and beginning diving. In teaching at many different pools over the years, Kelsey has gained a great combination of ideas and creativity that pushes her clients to achieve their goals, regardless of their age or any obstacles they may face. When Kelsey’s not working with the swim team or in a swim lesson, you’re likely to find her in the water - paddle boarding, swimming, or scuba diving.