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Open & Family Swim

Open & Family Swim at the Peddie Pool

Click here for directions to the Peddie Pool.

  • Entrance to the pool is through the appropriate locker room.
  • The WOMEN'S LOCKER ROOM is the first corridor on your left.
  • The MEN'S LOCKER ROOM is the second corridor on your left.
  • Please leave your street shoes in the locker room to keep our pool deck clean.
  • Everyone must SHOWER before entering the pool as per the NJ Bathing Code


BONUS WEEK: AUG. 27-31, 2018

Day Mon, 8/27 Tue, 8/28 Wed, 8/29 Thu, 8/30 Fri, 8/31 Sat, 9/1 Sun, 9/2
Open Swim (Adults only)

6 am-7 pm

6 am-7 pm

6 am-7 pm

6 am-7 pm

6 am-7 pm

Family Swim 10 am-7 pm  10 am-7 pm 10 am-7 pm 10 am-7 pm 10 am-7 pm N/A N/A


Day Mon, 9/3 Tue, 9/4 Wed, 9/5 Thu, 9/6 Fri, 9/7 Sat, 9/8 Sun, 9/9
Open Swim (Adults only)


6 am-1 pm, 6 pm-9 pm

6 am-1 pm, 6 pm-9 pm

6 am-1 pm, 6 pm-9pm

6 am-1 pm, 6 pm-9 pm

8 am-4 pm 6 am-4 pm
Family Swim N/A  N/A 10 am - 12 pm N/A 10 am -12 pm, 6-9 pm 12-4pm 12-4pm

OPEN & FAMILY SWIM: SEP. 10 - MAY 24, 2019

Day Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Open Swim (Adults only)

6 am - 1 pm, 7:30-9 pm

6 am-1 pm, 7 pm-9 pm

6 am-1 pm, 7:30 pm-9 pm

6 am-1 pm, 7 pm-9 pm

6 am-1 pm, 7 pm-9 pm

11 am-4 pm 6 am-4 pm
Family Swim 10 am - 12 pm  N/A 10 am - 12 pm N/A 10 am -12 pm, 7-9 pm 2-4pm 12-4pm

Exceptions to Pool Schedule - See "News" on our homepage for Emergency Closings

  • Fri, Nov. 2, pool closing at 7 pm. No evening Open & Family Swim.
  • Fri. Nov. 16 - Sun. Nov. 18, pool closed for swim meet.
  • Mon. Dec. 24, pool closed.
  • Tues. Dec. 25, pool closed.

May 26 through August 30, 2019, the Peddie Aquatic Center will be completely closed for renovations to pool & the surrounding deck.

Family & Youth Swim Rules:

Family Swim hours are for recreational swimming under the supervision of certified lifeguards. Children who pass the SWIM TEST (25 yards freestyle without stopping & treading for 1 minute) may swim without a parent in the water, but a parent must remain on the pool deck for supervision. All children who do not pass the swim test must be accompanied in the water by a parent. Youth aged 10-17 who have passed the SWIM TEST may swim during these times w/out a parent present on deck. Parents who chose to remain on the pool deck must remain seated on the benches. You may not stand at the edge of the pool.

Membership Options:

Rates effective June 1, 2018 - REGISTER ONLINE

Type of Membership* New Rate Effective June 1, 2018
Adult Annual (ages 18-62) $395 (not available until Sept. 2019)
Adult Annual Senior (ages 63 & over) $330 (not available until Sept. 2019)
Adult Monthly (ages 18-62) $39 (Aug. 2018 prorated to $29)
Adult Monthly Senior (ages 63 & over) $33 (Aug. 2018 prorated to $23)
Adult Daily (ages 18 & over) $6 per swim + $25 reg fee/year
Adult-Family Swim only (ages 18 & over) $6 per swim, no reg fee, max $18/family
Child-Family Swim only (ages 1-17) $6 per swim, no reg fee, max $18/family
Guest, any age, one time visit $10 per one time visit

*All memberships renew automatically. Email us to cancel or suspend your membership.

Etiquette for Lap Swimming:

One lane can easily accommodate 6-8 swimmers, if all adhere to the Circle Swimming Policy. Swim on the right side of the lane at all times (all swimmers move up on one side of the lane and back down on the other side in a circular fashion).  For safety reasons, we recommend passing another swimmer only at the walls, rather than in the middle of the lane.  As you approach the wall, tap the feet of the swimmer you wish to pass. Incumbent swimmers have the initial right of way, but not a right to ‘own’ the lane. Always enter the pool feet first, no diving. Use of the starting blocks is prohibited during open swim.