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As a general reminder, if a Speedo Championship Sectional Meet is to offer National Championship officiating opportunities, the Sectional Meet Referee will be determined by a committee comprised of the Meet Host, the host LSC Official's Chairman, the Zone Officials Chairman, and the National Officials Chairman. The list of potential meet referees come from applications submitted to the Zone Officials Chairman and from the database of N2 and N3 certified officials supplied by the National Officials Chairman.

Once the Meet Referee has been determined, the remaining assigned team members (administrative referee, deck referees, starters, and chief judges) will be determined by the Meet Referee, with the concurrence of host club Meet Director, the LSC Officials Chairman, and the Zone Officials Chair.

In case there is any confusion, I wanted to clarify a few items about officiating at Sectionals:

To work a sectional meet, you do NOT need to be evaluated for an N2 or N3 position; however, that opportunity is normally available at this meet, if you want it.

  1. For a sectional meets you are not required to turn in an application to officiate prior to the deadline to work as a stroke and turn judge.  Only those who wish to be assigned as a Meet Referee, Admin Ref, Deck Ref, Starter, and Chief Judge need to send in the application prior to the deadline.  If you wish to work at stroke and turn, you can just report to the Meet Referee when you arrive at the pool. 
  2. We also understand that a stroke and turn official may not know which sessions he/she will be able to work. However, if you do know, it would be helpful to let the meet referee know in advance.  Accordingly, we would appreciate you filling out an application and indicate which sessions you can work or send me an email with the same information.

Wayne Shulby is the Southern Zone Officials Chairs.  Any questions regarding officiating at Southern Zone meets should be directed to Wayne at


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