Swim Lessons


Located at the LSU NATATORIUM

(corner of Nicholson & West Chimes)

Directed by Danielle Adams


Swim Lessons Director - Danielle Adams; [email protected]


Tiger Aquatics Swim Lessons is a program licensed by Swim America for children ages three and up. Tiger Aquatics lessons program ranges from three different class levels, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Beginner and Intermediate classes have in-water instructors, Advanced classes have a pool-side instructor, and a Supervisor on deck. 


To help us gage your child’s swimming ability please refer to our class descriptions:


Beginner includes: 

-First-time lesson swimmers, new swimmers.

-Learns skills such as air exchange (bubbles), front and back floats, kicking with a board on front and back, and pushing off the wall independently to instructor with face submerged 


Intermediate includes:

-Swimmers who exceed Beginner criteria, are more comfortable and confident being in the water.

-Learns skills such as swimming independently, face in the water, learning side breathing, master strokes freestyle and backstroke.


Advanced includes: 

-Swimmers who exceed Intermediate criteria, a full length freestyle and half length backstroke 

-Learns skills such as perfecting freestyle and backstroke foundation, breaststroke, butterfly and diving from the pool deck 



Tiger Aquatics Swim lessons criteria - potty trained, swim suit, goggles are recommended


Our swim lesson program is offered in sessions. A single session includes eight 45 minute lessons for a four week period. This schedule offers two lessons per week. You may choose Monday & Wednesday OR Tuesday and Thursday each week.


Class Time Slots:

  • 4:15 - 5:00pm
  • 5:00 - 5:45pm
  • 5:45 - 6:30pm


Session 1:

January 10th - February 3rd


Session 2:

February 7th - March 10th ( will take off the week of February 28th - March 3rd for the Mardi Gras Holidays)




How To Register:

  1. Print out Registration Form,  FORM
  2. Fill out registration form and either scan to [email protected] -OR- bring to 1st lesson.
  3. Payment must be made by check. Make check out to Tiger Aquatics. Payment must be made before or at 1st lesson.
  4. For scheduling or for more information please contact Tiger Aquatics Lessons Director, Danielle Adams, at [email protected]