South End


ZAP offers the following swim programming at South End throughout the year:

FALL: Swim Team

WINTER: Swim Team

SPRING: Swim Team, Jr Guard prep

SUMMER: Swim Team, Learn-to-swim classes

SOUTH END  Swim Team Groups (Spring 2013)

primary coach: Shari Twidwell

ZAP offers beginning competitive swim team groups at South End:


Drills & Skills

IM Ready

The FUNdamentals and Drills & Skills groups cover all four competitive strokes at an introductory level. In FUNdamentals, swimmers refine Freestyle and Backstroke, build endurance, learn flipturns and streamlines, and basic racing starts.

In Drills & Skills, swimmers continue building endurance and confidence in Freestyle and Backstroke but also Breaststroke and Butterfly to the mix.

The IM Ready group is more advanced and conducted at a faster pace. IM swimmers are legal in all four strokes individually and are now ready to build their individual medley skills. South End swimmers compete in local, duel, tri and RW, BRW, and Pacific Committee Championships level competition. 

*South End members receive a $10/mo discount off monthly dues.

NOTE: Monthly dues are separate from the annual ZAP registration fee and USA Swimming and AAU membership fees. These are not discounted.



"Taking Swimming to a Higher Level."