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Welcome Athletes and Families to the Minnetonka High School Boys Swim & Dive Team!


On behalf of the entire coaching staff as well as Minnetonka's athletic department, welcome to Minnetonka Boys Swimming & Diving.  This particular athletic program is proud of its rich tradition both recently and over the last three decades.  We are honored to be part of a program with such remarkable success.  We are certain that the team's athletic performance could not be possible without careful acknowledgment of the individual growth of all team members. We're also positive that the coaching staff will continue to challenge all of you to grow athletically, academically, and personally throughout the season. In order for this growth to occur, we believe it is necessary to establish a few fundamental procedural guidelines. Please ensure that athletes and family members alike have time to familiarize themselves with the policies put in place by this document. We hope you find it informative, thorough, and helpful.

2014-2015 Season:

Mandatory PAC (Parent-Athlete-Coach) Meeting:  Monday, November 3rd @ 6:00 p.m. in the Forum at MHS with a presentation by Ted Schultz, MHS Activities Director.

Boys Swim & Dive Team meeting:  follows directly after the PAC meeting @ 6:30 p.m. in the Black Box.

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Contact Information

Head Coach – Dan Berve


MME Pool: (952) 401 - 5225

Assistant Swim Coaches:

Sarah Doolittle

Robby Kendall

Neil Osten

Diving Coach - Stephenie Varichak

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Ryan Current, Bastien Ibri, Jake Radke

Web Site

Please make sure to get registered on the TeamUnify MHS Swim & Dive website.  

We are pleased to have a robust team website.  The website will serve as the go to for many questions that might arise. Links to the schedule, results, contact information, and more will be available.  Additionally, the wesbite will be used to send out team reminders and notifications. The volunteers coordinators will rely on the website to sign up workers for all home meets. Food signup for potlucks etc. will become available.

The direct link to the HS website is:

Alternatively, it can be found by navigating from the district website:  Activities / Aquatics Center / High School Swim and Dive.

If you have questions about the website, please contact Sandra Hibbard.


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MHS Registration & Fees

In order to participate on the first day of practice, the following must be completed:

1. Register online at, click on Activities Tab on the top, click on Registration.

2. All fees must be paid.

            Participation Fee – Once per school year       $75

            Activity Fee – Swimming and Diving            $109

3. A physical must be on record that is within the last 3 years.

4. Forms: MSHSL eligibility form.  Emergency Contact card.  

All forms are available at the MHS activities office/website.

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Boys Swim & Dive Team Fee

  1. Team fee made payable to MHS Boys Swim & Dive is $75  (due by first week of practice).  The Team Fee helps to cover athlete meals at the banquet, senior recognition and other miscellaneous expenses.  This fee in addition to Cub bagging fundraising and Super Fan shirt sales gives us enough money to cover expenses for team events throughout the season.

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Team Philosophy

As mentioned in the introductory letter, “athletics are a pathway to an enriched life. Athletics provide the opportunity to teach camaraderie, goal setting (and reaching!), cooperation, communication, time management, self-discipline, school pride and self-confidence.  My commitment to my student-athletes is grounded in the belief that these aspects of sports participation are what allow each athlete to maximize his personal growth throughout the experience. ”  Our team will remain aware of this multidimensional aspect of athletics during our entire season. 

To do this, we must incorporate swimming and diving into our daily lives.  As coaches, we will help guide you through the season and to have an experience that you are proud to be part of.  We hope that you think of this in everything you do:  Are you proud of the way you support your team on and off the deck? Are you proud of the goals you set for yourself and the work you put in to achieve them? Are you proud of the extra effort you put into your classwork? 

Undoubtedly, there will be challenges along the way, but you will find that you are not alone in your struggles and that your coaches and teammates are there to support you.  After all, the very nature of a team is that we each support the team and the team supports us.

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Each athlete will experience noticeable individual growth and continued success as a student, teammate, and competitive swimmer/diver. By helping each athlete to improve in all of these areas, the team will compete at the highest level during regular and post season meets.

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Student athletes 
Our expectations of you are few, but important.  We expect you to be honest with yourself, your teammates, and your coaches.  Are you getting enough sleep? Are you keeping up with assignments? Are you giving your best in practice? Are you making good decisions?  Come in and talk with the coaches.  We are confident that honesty from you will alleviate almost any problem we might run into: don't just give up on a set or exercise-let us know that you're sick, your mind is elsewhere, or you don't understand why we're doing something. Beyond this, the entire team will work to be disciplined, ethical, and confident.  We will strive for personal excellence through attention to daily actions and selfless contributions to a team atmosphere.

Specifically, we expect all team members to:

  1. Arrive on time
  2. Respect themselves and others
  3. Contribute selflessly to the team
  4. Adhere to Minnetonka and MSHSL guidelines
  5. Meet Minnetonka academic requirements and continue to prioritize academic commitments 
  6. Attend all practices, meets, and team functions
  7. Support teammates in and out of the pool


Coaches are expected to lead by example.  Coaches will model sportsmanship, goal-setting, competitive drive, and lifestyle balance.  Coaches will communicate professionally and promptly with parents, school administration, press, athletes, and all individuals they contact as representatives of Minnetonka Public Schools.


Parents we ask you support your sons throughout the season by, getting them to and from practices, picking them up after meets, providing nutritious snacks and meals, and offering appropriate encouragement during difficult portions of the season.  Parents we also ask for your help to volunteer at all home swim/dive meets.  This includes bringing food for team Pot Lucks following all home meets.  Finally, we ask parents to please communicate concerns with coaches so that they may be problem solved early and effectively.

While we need assistance from all parents to create a successful season, we are thankful to have involved captains' parents each season that donate a large portion of their free time to the team and would love to help answer questions and offer ways for other parents to get involved.

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Practice Schedule

All practices will be at MME.  Athletes will not need to attend practice after their final competition of the season.  Students traveling from MHS and MMW will need to provide their own transportation to practice.  See the boys swim & dive calendar for the most current schedules.

  • Monday and Wednesday: Strength Training 6:45-7:30 AM @ Pagel
  • Monday-Friday:
    • Swim 4:00 - 6:00 PM @ MME
    • Dive 4:30 - 6:30 PM @ MME
      • ​Friday - 4:00-6:00 PM @ MME
  • Saturday: Swim 7:00 – 9:00 AM @ MME

Winter Break (Swimming schedule):  TBD

Winter Break (Diving schedule) - TBD


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Meet schedule/State Meet

The meet schedule and results will be posted from the home page of this Website. 

To qualify for the State Meet an athlete must do one of two things:

  1. Place 1st or 2nd in an event at the Varsity Section Meet
  2. Swim a qualifying time in the Finals at the Varsity Section Meet

Click HERE to see this year's qualifying standards to for the State Meet.

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Meet Transportation

All student-athletes are required to ride the team bus to and from away meets.  Student-athletes may ride home with a parent or guardian only if the coaching staff has been notified ahead of time and the appropriate Parent Driver form has been filled out and is on file.  All buses will depart from outside of Pagel at MHS.  Following away meets athletes will be dropped off at MHS.

CLICK HERE for Parent Driver Form if needed.

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Lettering and Awards

Per the Minnetonka Coach's handbook: “In general, varsity participants should letter as well as seniors who have been with the program for at least two years. The letter should stand for commitment, performance and leadership and coaches should strive to award letters when possible.” 

In terms of competition related lettering criteria, swimmers must earn 72 points while divers must earn 30 points using the following measures:

  1. Points earned in a varsity dual meet event –
    1st place is 6 pts, 2nd is 4, 3rd is 3, 4th is 2, 5th is 1
  2. Points earned in varsity dual meet relays – team’s pts / 2-
    1st place is 8 pts, 2nd is 4, 3rd is 2
  3. Points earned invitationals – Individual pts / 3 ; Relay pts / 10
  4. Points earned at True Team Section – Individual pts / 4; Relay pts / 12
  5. Points earned at True Team State– Individual pts / 8; Relay pts / 24
  6. Best time or diving score achieved at ANY meet at any level is 1 point
  7. Perfect practice attendance 5 points
  8. Each new dive performed in competition 1 point

The point scoring system above attempts to scale points around those available in a dual meet. That is, since 1st place at a dual is 6 pts, we’ll scale the 20pts at an invitational by dividing by 3 to approach 6 pts for a 1st place finish.  Additionally, the coaching staff will discuss the merits of each letter awarded. Coaches reserve the right to both reward and withhold letters based on:  respect, sportsmanship, work ethic, attitude, camaraderie, and code violations.

*Athletes who swim/dive a Varsity Section top 16 time/score at Varsity Sections or JV Conference will earn a letter pending the above requirements.

Awards voted on by team members:  

  • Most Improved 
  • Hardest Worker
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Most Valuable 
  • Athlete of the Year

Awards sponsored by other organizations: 

  • All Conference 
  • All State 
  • All American

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Daily equipment

  1. Goggles
  2. Water bottle
  3. Athletic apparel – shorts, t-shirt, socks, shoes
  4. Team suit - only at competitions

We have zoomers available for use at the pool.  However, each student-athlete is encouraged to purchase his own pair for optimal fit.

The district will provide:

  1. Team warmups issued to each student-athlete
  2. Team caps

At meets: Please only wear Minnetonka apparel at meets.  Any t-shirt that you wear underneath the team warmups must be Minnetonka related.  You are encouraged to wear tennis shoes to help keep feet warm at meets. 

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Tryouts will be used to determine the team.  All swimmers will be required to tryout in order to earn a place on the team.  The coaching staff will use the results of the tryouts along with an analysis of one’s attitude, effort, and character to determine team placement.  Athletes will earn their place based on our expectations for an athlete at Minnetonka High School.  Tryouts will occur Tuesday-Friday throughout the first week of practice.  The four tryout sessions will involve:

1.                  1000 for time

2.                  4 x 50 FAST – one of each stroke; 100 free FAST

3.                  8 x 100 kick

4.                  Mock Meet


Divers need to be able to perform a forward, back, reverse, inward, twisting voluntary, optional, and front 1 and 1/2 dive by the end of the first three weeks of the season.

*If an athlete is unable to attend tryouts, they will complete the tryout process during their first workouts following their absence.  All swimming tryouts must be completed by the end of the second week.

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Attendance Policies

Being a member of the team demonstrates that you have made a commitment to the success of the program.  This success requires each member to be reliable and work towards our goals.  Attending all practices, meets, and team functions is mandatory and the first part of this commitment.  The head coach has the final say on all absences and any repercussions. 

  • All team members must arrive on time for all practices, meets, and team functions.
  • The coaching staff must be notified by noon the day of an absence and earlier if known prior.
  • Excused absences are defined as the following:
    • Illness/injury requiring the athlete to miss school or leave school early or not physically be able to complete the workout.
    • Other school or swimming and diving reasons communicated and approved in advance with the head coach.
  • Unexcused absences can result in the athlete not being able to compete and removal from the team.
    • Following the 1st and 2nd unexcused absences, the athlete and head coach will meet.  The athlete will not be able to compete in the next meet.
    • Following the 3rd unexcused absence, the athlete and head coach will meet to determine the consequences.  Team removal is possible following the 3rd unexcused absence.

Finally, as has been the case in the past, attendance during winter break is crucial to the success of the team. Please contact a coach about absences directly related to family celebrations and religious observances.  Coaches may be able to provide make up activities on a case-by-case basis.  Missed practices the week of 12/29 will result in loss of participation in competition.  It is the coaching staff's opinion that successful student-athletes cannot afford to take a 1 week break in the middle of the season.  Further, the staff believes it is essential to hold all student-athletes to this standard regardless of competition level.

Competition Policies

This competition policy applies for all meets except JV Sections, Sections, and State:

  • Illness, injury, and school-related absences
    • You must attend and complete practice prior to competition in order to compete.  The head coach has the final say in this decision.
  • Serious injury or illness
    • If practice isn’t completed for more multiple days consecutively, you must attend and complete multiple practices after the absences in order to compete. The head coach has the final say in this decision.
  • Recruiting visits or other swim/dive competitions approved by coach
    • Athletes are required to practice during the time away.  If expectations of the head coach are met, no competitions will be missed.


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