Aquatics Club





 Provide athletes the resources to develop their individual potential for the betterment of performance, TEAM, academics, and community.


     Welcome to Denton ISD Aquatics Club (DAC), Denton's premiere location for aquatic sports. DAC provides quality coaching and training in both swimming and water polo, to the youth in the Denton community and surrounding Denton County.


Performance - DAC believes each athlete has talent that makes them unique. By providing the resources and finding a way to develop that talent, any athlete will become a contributor to an aquatic program's success. It is DAC's goal to develop each athlete's potential, regardless of aquatic sport preference, stroke, or distance.


TEAM - We must remember what TEAM really stands for

Together Everyone Achieves More

By developing individual potential, a TEAM has the advantage of having strengths in all areas of sport. Allowing diversified training, on land and in water, gives an aquatics program the advantage of strength in number of events/positions.


Academics - DAC not only develops athletes in the pool, but also student-athletes in the classroom. The lessons learned in the pool, carries over to the classroom. The DAC Coaching Staff are strong advocates of academic performance and believes the lessons learned from sports, will prepare the athlete for success in college. DAC is proud of the accomplishments of the Denton ISD alumni and has formed the Aquatics Alumni Association to showcase their continuing leadeship within the community.


Community - DAC appreciates the continuing support and values of the Denton community. DAC will continue to support the Denton community through community service projects, volunteering, and programming.