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Dear Swim School Director,

I am writing to you today to reflect on an opportunity that the American Swimming Coaches Association has created for learn to swim teachers across the USA. Its called “Certified Stroke Technician Course

It was developed as a result of my strong opinion that the most important person in all of American (and world) swimming is the person who first teaches a young person to blow bubbles!

Because if that child is not taught to get a proper air exchange, they will never become comfortable in the water and their chance of enjoying all the opportunities that are available to them in and around the water, are greatly diminished.

Hence everyone in Aquatics has a great stake in doing the best possible job of teaching our learn to swim teachers to be effective in their work.

This new course will take your instructors between an hour and 90 minutes and is available on the internet for a very modest $19.95 cost.

It is video rich, and starts with the very basics of teaching balance and air exchange, and progresses through a set of skills designed to teach all four competitive strokes competently. We have section tests imbedded in the course to aid learning, and there is no “final test” as we want this to be a learning experience, not a testing experience.

A Certificate of Completion is available from the ASCA for your instructors. We hope you’ll encourage your staff to take the Certified Stroke Technicians Course, and explore the other articles and opportunities available on the ALTST (American Learn to Swim Teachers) website.

All the Best for Great Teaching!

            John Leonard
            Executive Director
            American Swimming Coaches Association.

Order the Certified Stroke Technician Course by going to the store at the link above.