Why Splash Jax

Why Splash Jax Swim School

  • Love of Swimming:  Chris and Nancy have been active in swimming since they were too young to remember.  They love teaching swimming and teaching people how to improve their swimming. They have both been swim instructors for over 25 years each.  
  • Instructors:  Our instructors love working with children.  Instructors are professionally trained and certified.  Training includes observing, one on one time with master instructors, and in pool learning.  Instructors follow a program lesson plan for each class. They are provided written guidelines on what to teach withe each swim lesson, how to teach it, and the appropriate time to teach each skill within the swim lesson.
  • Curriculum: Chris and Nancy developed the plan that we follow.  They have taken their years of swimming, teaching, and coaching experience and developed a plan that will teach efficiency from the very beginningThis will allow your child to learn great technique from a young age.  If your child never swims competitively, they will still be better and stronger swimmers because of their  swim lessons at Splash Jax.  If they choose to compete, they will have excellent fundamentals from their swim lesson experience.
  • Convenience:  We are located in San Marco at 1856 Davidson Street, which is 2 blocks north of Emerson Street between Hendricks and St. Augustine Road.  This is approximately 1 mile west of the Emerson Street Exit on I-95.  Further, we offer classes every day of the week, and you can sign up for just one day a week or pick the days that work best for you.  We make it easy to swim.
  • Passion for Swimming:  Splash Jax focuses on swimming and learning how to swim.  We are a swim school.  Teaching children how to swim is our area of expertise.
  • Facilities:  We have a heated 25 yard by 25 foot pool.
  • Community:  We are part of the community that we teach in.  We live approximately one mile from the pool.  In 2016, we had over 200 children on full or partial scholarship.  Also, through our continued partnership with the Boselli Foundation, we know we are having a positive impact on the Jacksonville community.




  • "I can't tell you how much it makes me smile to see her walk over and get in the pool with a smile on her face.  You have a big time gift!  Glad my girls get to be a recipient of that gift."
  • “I love how you are focused on teaching swimming.  You do not get distracted with games.”
  • “This is the best swim school I have seen.”
  • “I cannot believe the progress my child has made over the summer.  I am so glad we stuck with it all summer."    
  • "First, I want to say that Paige is doing a great job. He is loving the swim lessons and can swim the length of my parents pool no problem. So, that is exciting!!"
  • "Coach Stephanie is awesome!!! We have been very pleased with her coaching."
  • "All 3 of the coaches are really wonderful!"
  • "Bravo - I just wanted to say how impressed I am with Splash Jax. The coaching and instruction are excellent. My kids actually listen to the tips and I have seen a huge improvement in their form and speed.

  • "I really enjoy your swim instructors, they work with my child so well. He loves it. Having fun while being challenged and he also is not able to get away with goofing off. It's great!"

  • Thank you for the swim lessons for my son.  He has enjoyed every minute of it.

  • Coach Maggie and coach Chris- you gave us an invaluable gift- you helped Analee overcome her fear of the water and have given me piece of mind. Thank you for doing what you do.

  • We are grateful for the swim improvement of both girls.

  • We were in Jacksonville for the summer, and both my children improved so much.  Our swim school at home was amazed when we returned.

  • You have a great program.  Thank you.