FAST Parents
Required Team Service Hourse
Each family that has a swimmer on our roster for 3 months of a six-month period shall be required to contribute and document 10 hours of approved service. The six-month period shall be September 1 through the last day of February, and March 1 through the end of August.  If a family does not have a swimmer on the roster for 3 of the 6 months, no fee is assessed. Donations in excess of 10 hours will not carry over to any successive 6-month period, nor can they be transferred among families. The volunteer hours must be documented by the family and approved before the end of the six-month period. Any family member may perform the work as appropriate for the task.
Families contributing less than the 10-hour minimum will be assessed $30 for each hour not completed on the last day of the 6-month period. This opt-out fee will not be prorated.
Most volunteer positions are posted on the website in the form of a Swim Meet, Team Function, or Event.  A Job Sign-up list is posted with the event.  Once a parent has signed into their FAST website account using their email address, the Job Sign-Up list is available. 
If you have any questions about the Job Sign-Ups, please email Amber at  Once you arrive at an event, there is also a volunteer sign-in sheet that you must sign to receive credit for hours worked.  Our Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for entering volunteer hours into each family’s account.
Why Does FAST Require Volunteering?
FAST is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with professional coaches and unpaid volunteer administrators. The bulk of our income goes to pay our pool rent and coach salaries. If we were to pay for team administration tasks presently done by our hard-working volunteers, monthly training fees would easily double. When parents become more involved in the sport, their swimmers enjoy it more and are more successful.
FAST offers volunteer opportunities through each time period.  The activities include but are not limited to:
  • Working at FAST-hosted swim meets
  • Accepting a non-board position appointed by the board and fulfilling the duties of the position
  • Assisting a board member who has requested help
  • Organizing and preparing approved team functions
    • Spring Awards Banquet, Christmas Dinner
    • Championships Dinner (a.k.a. "TAGS Dinner")
    • Other team outing approved by the board (e.g. Rangers game, team picnic)
    • Team fundraising event organizer (e.g. Swim-A-Thon, car washes)
  • Donating professional services requested by the FAST board (e.g. legal, medical, expert consulting)