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Why Parent Jobs In Marin Swim League?

As with all teams in the Marin Swim League (MSL), our Stingrays Swim Team would not function without the assistance of parents, especially during our swim meets. Each swim meet requires upwards of 100 jobs that need to be filled. By fulfilling these jobs you will contribute to the success and enjoyment of all the swimmers on the team. Parent participation in their children’s activities results in a more meaningful experience for all.  Working jobs and attending social events helps parents understand the swim team experience and provides an opportunity to meet other parents and have fun. Parent connections help children feel better connected to the team and also helps prepare them for swim meets.

What are Stingrays Parent Jobs?

There are work assignments at each meet for every interest and timeframe. For example: Set-up or take down equipment, timers, desk jobs, etc. Some jobs will count as more than one job based on the time-commitment and/or level of responsibility required. In addition to jobs at the swim meets, there are several key season-long jobs and Stingrays social events to choose from that require a parent coordinator and event workers.

Jobs are MANDATORY and are for the most part assigned on a first-come first-served basis on Parent Job Registration day beginning February 21, 2017 and thereafter.  Because all swim meets and events are run by parents, being there and being on time is imperative. If you are unsure of your schedule or ability to commit to a particular job or date, consider paying the JOB WAIVE FEE. Missing work assignments and even being late for swim meets seriously and negatively impacts the team.

The numbers listed below are the minimum job requirement. You may be asked to fill additional jobs if needed. NOTE:  These jobs DO NOT include parent commitments at the MSL All Stars or MSL Championship meets. If your swimmer participates in "Champs" you will be required to also work at Champs.

Number of Swimmers Number of Job Assignments Job Waive Fee

5 jobs  (3 jobs if Junior Stingrays)

$100 per job

10 jobs  (6 jobs if Junior Stingrays) 

$100 per job
3 or more

12 jobs  (9 jobs if Junior Stingrays)

$100 per job

*HIGH SCHOOL SWIMMERS:  Parents will be contacted on a "As Needed" basis for jobs.

**If you miss a job, a strict “no show” penalty of $100 per job missed will be assessed.

How do I sign up for my jobs?

You may sign up for you jobs by signing into your account. Click on the Events Tab. Under the Events Tab is the Current & Upcoming Tab that you should be on. Under the Event Category click and search "ALL". Find a date/event/meet that fits your schedule. It will have a "Job signup" button under the calendar. Click on this button and it will take you to the job signup page for the date and event you selected. When you are on the Event Job Signup page, the job description is on the left side and the time and availability slots are on the right side. If there is a "box", the job is open and you fill in your information. Save your job by clicking on the Signup button at the bottom of the page.

How do I see the jobs for which I have already signed up?

You may access a report of your jobs by visiting EVENTS > Select the "Reports" tab > Select the "Jobs SignUp Report for My Account".  You may choose a date range and search for your jobs.

How do I edit the jobs for which I have already signed up?

You may edit your jobs sign ups by contacting the Parent Job Coordinator.