Team Store




SRVA is a competitive swim team, so when a swimmer starts to regularly attend swim meets, it is important that they dess for success!  In order ot create a cohesive look to the SRVA Team, the coaches require all athletes to wear SRVA team gear at swim meets.


Here is a link to our SRVA Swimoutlet store.  Here you can purchase custom team gear, as well as find the recommendations from our coaches for training equipment.  Each swim group has their own list on the store.  Swimoutlet gives SRVA 8% of every purchase, all you need to do is use the link provided.  It is a great easy fundraiser for our team.
You have two options as to where you can purchase Team Parkas.  Parkas can be purchased through the Swimoutlet team store or through TruWest.  The team store for TruWest is below and you have an option as to what you would like of either Water Resistant or Waterproof.