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Dr. Brent S. Rushall is Professor Emeritus of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences at San Diego State University (  He has published 56 books and over 450 articles, book chapters, and psychology tests.  His on line publications, the Swimming Science Journal and the Coaching Science Abstracts (, have been his sole responsibility since 1994.

Dr. Rushall is a four-time Olympic Team Psychologist for Canada, and has represented Canada at Commonwealth Games, World Championships, and World Cup events in swimming, wrestling, cross-country skiing, and ski-jumping.  He has consulted with many international sport teams and organizations primarily in the field of performance enhancement.  His texts, manuals, and assessment tools have been translated into several languages and are used in elite athlete programs in many countries.

As a participant, Dr. Rushall played international rugby football and was a member of the first All-American rugby team.  He has received national coaching appointments in the sports of swimming, rugby football, and rowing.  He has been psychologist to some of the world's best athletes.

In swimming, Dr. Rushall has assisted legendary coaches Dr. James (Doc) Counsilman at Indiana University in the latter half of the 1960's, Don Talbot in Thunder Bay, Canada in the latter half of the 1970's, and Forbes and Ursula Carlile since the early 1960's and with whom his association is still strong. Dr. Rushall has served the Canadian and USA national swimming teams and has coached Olympic medalists and world-record holders in Australia and Canada.  In swimming, his coaching certifications have been Elite International (American Swimming Coaches Association), Level III (Swimming Canada), and Level 3 (Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association).

At Team Andrew Indie Swimming, we recognize that Dr. Rushall's scientific mind has led him to "see into the future" with regard to coaching and training improvements that improve on the common dogma that exists in the sport.  The methods of training and the technique features of the competitive strokes are "revolutionary" when compared to today's practices.  We have followed these newly developed principles and found them to be more effective and beneficial to our swimmers than what most coaches are doing. The "Indie" in our organization's name recognizes that we do not do what just about anyone else does because we follow scientifically verified relevant principles of training while removing the false belief-based knowledge and practices that permeate our sport.

With Team Andrew Indie Swimming, Dr. Rushall serves as consultant coach and provides many of the structures and resources associated with the coaching and swimmer development programs and camps that we offer.  Visitors to this web site are encouraged to visit the Swimming Science Journal ( to discover the details of what underlies our programs.