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New Team Suits

If you were unable to order a team suit at the time of the last order; you can click on the link below and order your suit, it will come directly to you.       If you are uncomfortable or have trouble ordering online you may call agonswim at 1-877-718-9403 and talk to a customer representative.   Suit pictures will be posted online as soon as they are available.

The prices for the suits are as follows:

Girls suit:  $49                        Drag Suit:  $28

Boys Jammers:  $32

How to register and order your suit from

Go to and click "register" at top

Enter your e-mail address (please be sure it is your valid & complete e-mail address), and select "I am a new customer"

Select your login name as either your e-mail address or name displayed on the screen (you will receive an email reminding you what you’ve picked).

Follow steps to set up password of your own choosing, and to enter name/address/phone info.  Please remember to enter phone # and use a valid e-mail address, in case we need to contact you about your order.

Select option "I am a member of a registered team".  This will give you a list of all teams in your state.  Select your team name. Enter the name of your team contact (Cindy Pitta).

Once all demographic info is entered, you will reach a screen that says "Welcome to your account [your first name]".  Click on link that says "Order suits for Aurora Swim Team" (half way down the screen). 

This will bring up all choices of suits styles.  This will bring up all choices of suits (styles and designs), and will display fabric and price. Click on "order item" button for the suit you want, and enter quantity by size.  Click "back" button if you need to order multiple suits of different styles. NOTE: OUR SIZES RUN LARGE. PLEASE CHECK WITH THE TEAM CONTACT FOR SIZING ADVICE BEFORE PLACING ORDER.

When all suits have been placed into shopping cart, click button "proceed to checkout"

Enter credit card information (including cardholder name and expiration date).  We take MasterCard, Visa, AmEx and Discover, or can debit your checking account through an "online check".

Select shipping method (price for each option is displayed).  Remember the suit will not be in stock, so it could be between 3-20 business days before ready to ship (the estimated shipping time based upon historical data displays in the shopping cart a few screens earlier).

Review final order and click submit.

You will receive an e-mail notifying you when your order ships.  It will ship directly to your address, not to the team.

NOTE:  If you have already registered yourself on our website, but did not select your team at the time, you are in our system as an individual and the link to order your suits will not display and you will not receive the team discount. Please log into your account and click on the link "join a team" at the bottom, and follow the instructions to link with your team, prior to placing any order.  

Please be aware that, as a member of a registered team, you are also eligible for team price on any discountable item, such as other print or solid suits, even if ordering as an individual.  Select these items by clicking the link at the top of the screen (e.g. "prints", "water polo", or "solids") and putting the item in the cart as with any other. 

If you have any difficulty or have questions, please contact Donna, your Account Representative, at or 877-718-9403 x57 (toll free). Please set yourself up in the system and try to place your order first before calling. Donna is in California, so keep any time difference in mind.