Swim Team Volunteer Descriptions

Please go to the Events tab and then click on it to sign up for your volunteer positions or click on the Team Events tab on the home page.

** These vital volunteer positions require ODSL training and completion of an on-line test in return you receive a fabulous ODSL Officials shirt and name tag!

  • Clerk of Course (Team Line up): to line the swimmers up so that they are ready to swim in the correct lane and heat in an efficient manner.

  • Concession: Responsible for running concession stand for meet.  Meet will be divided into two shifts. Wednesday night meets - concession set up starts at 4 p.m. - volunteers need to report by 5:15 p.m.  Saturday morning meets concession set up begins 6:30 a.m.- volunteers need to report by 7:15 a.m.

  • Head Timer: to assign timers to lanes so that there is at least one timer from each team in each lane, to review proper timing procedure with the timers before the start of the meet, and to conduct a practice timing session. To take over for any timer whose watch fails to start or otherwise malfunctions during a race. Experience: MUST HAVE TIMED IN AT LEAST THREE MEETS.

  • Timers:  Uses stopwatch to time swimmers race and records time.

  • Referee:  To oversee all rules and conflicts, and to see that the meet is run in the correct manner.  This person will conduct the meet and oversee all volunteers, parents and swimmers. **

  • Ribbon Writers:  Place labels on ribbons.  File them in the child's folder to be passed out later. 

  • Runners: Runners will pick up the DQ slips from stroke and turn judges to the Referee for signing and then take to the scorer's table.

  • Set Up: Assists with set up of pool, deck area and concessions prior to home meets. Wednesday night home meets set up begins at 4 p.m.  Saturday morning home meets set up is Friday night at 7:45 p.m.

  • Computer Operator**:  Inputs swimmers/meet agenda and race results into Hy-Tek swim team management program.  Writes on the time cards the placement order for the ribbon to award points to the appropriate team.

  • Computer Operator Assistant:  Reads time cards, submitted by the Runners, to the Computer Operator.

  • Starter/Announcer: to announce and start each race. To determine false starts. To announce the score of the meet at the end of the backstroke events and before the relay events.**

  • Stroke and Turn Judge: to observe the swimmers' strokes and turns and to disqualify in a fair and consistent manner. **

  • Take Down: Assists with return pool area to original configuration and clean up debris.

  • Donuts and Juice:  Friday morning practices have traditionally supplied donuts, juice and fresh fruit at the end of each practice session (the donuts are a bigger hit but some actually do choose the fruit). 2 volunteers for each session:  Each volunteer provides  2 dozen donuts and 1 gallon of juice and some fresh fruit   (9:15am and 10:00am)  This also includes helping to set up and clean up (pretty easy!).