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AAA Parent Information

Welcome to the world of swimming! Whether you're a seasoned swim parent or new to the sport these articles will help you be the best swim parent on deck! Like all sports there is a swimming culture to learn and become a part of. 

Parent Information

We covered lots of information at our fall parent meeting. Dive into the Armada Parent Handbook and learn all about the team, coaches and goals and standards for each swim group. You can also view the Power Point Presentation from the links below. We posted video of each talk. You can view them on our Facebook group page. Just search Albany Armada from your face book search bar and we will add you to the group. FYI - it's a private group and your personal facebook account WILL NOT be connected to the group. You'll  be able to view what we post and like and comment as usual. 

Armada Parent Handbook 

Fall Parent Meeting Power Point Presentation

Volunteer Work Requirement Guidelines

Swim Meet Job Descriptions

"How To" Guidelines

How to sign up for a Volunteer Work Shift 

How to Set-Up Auto Pay on your Team Account

How To Enter A Swim Meet :  Step by step instructions on the swim meet entry process using the Online Meet Entry System (OME), via swim connection.

Swim Meet Survival Guide:  If you ready to take the plunge into competition or planning to do so soon this is must read! This will cover all you need to know to make your first swim meet experience a success! 

Time Standards...C/B/A What it all means!:  This article will help you get up to speed with the time standard terminology and what they mean for your swimmer. 


Swim Articles

Swimming as an Investment

What Makes A Nightmare Sports Parent -- And What Makes A Great One 

Lifetime Fitness

That's Not It

USA Swimming Rep Visit: Parents Presentation

USA Swimming Rep Visit: Swimmer Presentation