Little Fins


The Larkey Sharks offer a great program called "Little Fins" for swimmers that are comfortable in the water, but still need a little help.  It's for children who aren't quite ready for swim team, but want to swim.   Our wonderful coaching staff will take it from there and teach them how to swim freestyle.  By the end of the program, the Little Fins will be swimming the length of the pool at our home spirit meet!  It's fun and exciting for everyone - not just our Little Fins - but all the Sharks gather around to cheer them on!  (Many Sharks started in this program, too.)

The 2021 Little Fins Program

DATES: Tuesday, June 8th - July 19th, Tuesday - Friday (No practice on Friday, July 2nd)
TIME: 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm
COST: Pool members - $200 1st swimmer, $175 2nd swimmer
Non-members - $275 1st swimmer, $240 2nd swimmer

Here is the process.  

Step 1. Please complete this form.  (Available on our team site as well)
Step 2.  AFTER completing the form, then proceed to team unify page to complete registration. 
**Skipping Google Form, could result in losing your spot for LF aka Little Fins.  Space is limited.  


Little Fins must be comfortable in the water, able to swim 5 feet, able to float, willing to be at the pool, with coaches, away from their parents, and follow directions (staying on wall for example). If they cannot do these skills, please consider private swim lessons at Larkey.

Once you've decided that you want to join Little Fins, you can click below to print and complete all registration forms.  We do need a Medical consent form signed before they can get into the pool.  

** Children can move from Little Fins to the main swim team at any point if swimmer is ready.  In order for 6 and under swimmers to be members of the main Larkey Sharks swim team they should be able to swim the width of pool with no coaches in water. They should also exhibit a positive attitude toward swimming.  By the first meet, 6 and under swimmers will be able to swim 25 yards without a coach in the water and within a reasonable amount of time.  It is okay for 6 and under swimmers to occasionally use the lane lines.

For more information about our wonderful Little Fins program, contact Erica Atencion at [email protected].

CLICK HERE for Little Fins Medical Form