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SwimOffice: Swim Team Management Solution

Proven Swim Team Management Success

See what 3,000+ swim teams have already discovered; TeamUnify delivers results. Not to mention the peace of mind that comes with knowing that so many swim teams trust TeamUnify to effectively manage their continuing success.

Low-Cost, Low-Risk Management System

Say goodbye to complexity. With no software or hardware to install, you don't have to wait to get going. In a fraction of the time you're up, running, and seeing an astounding impact on your swim team's management abilities.

Complete Swim Team Management

Every feature within the Teamunify platform has been specifically tuned to speak the language of swimming. Guiding you to be a better swim team. Delivering unrivaled performance in managing the complex tasks that your swim team faces. All with unprecedented ease.

Completely Eliminate the Islands of Chaos

Today, your team is managed by islands of process and information that are largely disconnected. When information and process are disconnected, your team management struggles.

TeamUnify brings the entire management process under one platform to deliver super-charged management performance.

OnDeck—Powerful Information in the Palm of Your Hand

Thousands of teams around the globe are experiencing newfound productivity at swim meets while taking attendance, and when sending team communication. OnDeck even makes viewing best times, creating news, comparing to local and national time standards, managing rosters, and timing meets, simple on your mobile device or tablet.

SwimOffice: Website Management Features

Website Management

You'll find lots of companies that offer website management software. More accurately, a less-than-ideal, non-swim specific website. With TeamUnify's SwimOffice site builder technology, your new website will be professional, swim-centric, and easy-to-manage, leading to new member growth and we have the track record to prove it.

We know volunteers run your website and you want to represent your team in the best light possible with the least amount of effort. With SwimOffice, you can create and edit your team website with point and click ease. Enabling any team administrator the ability to deliver instant changes to your team website from any device. Change templates, menus, color themes, backdrops, and more to create that unique look that showcases your team. No HTML skills required!

It's time to leverage the power of SwimOffice to create and manage a FAR better team website that natively speaks the language of swimming.


Account Management

Centralize and manage all of your past and current members. Run rosters and attendance worksheets. Grant private 24x7 access for your families to view their billing information, meet declarations, times histories, job sign ups, fund-raising obligations and much more.

Your team will now run from the same database of membership—one island of information. Gone are the days of administrators using outdated lists for their respective roles on the team.

The efficiencies created from centralizing this information are massive. Then enabling as many contributors access as needed helps your administrators become more aware and effective.

From this improved awareness, confidence increases and your team is equipped to make FAR better management decisions. Decisions that help your team profit and grow.

SwimOffice: Attendance Tracking Features

Attendance Tracking

Most swim teams never track attendance because it's a completely manual process that takes hours and hours of a coach's time every month.

Introducing Attendance Tracking the TeamUnify way. Coaches will never again lift a pen to paper to track attendance. SwimOffice Attendance Tracking is powered in conjunction with TeamUnify's OnDeck Coaching Tool for iOS and Android powered devices.

Coaches select the swimmer or roster they want to track from within OnDeck and simply tap if they are in or out of the water. That's all it takes! The attendance data is then instantly uploaded to SwimOffice and MainSet.

Need reports? OnDeck has integrated reports that allow you to see weekly, monthly or seasonal attendance reports. Plus we let you compare roster group attendance performance.

Want to print those reports? Sign into SwimOffice and view individual swimmer attendance or download a full report to Microsoft Excel. Keeping track of who is in and out of the water has never been easier!

SwimOffice: Email Communication Features

Email Communication

Emailing is not hard to do. However, sending an email to one or many recipients from a centralized location with the ability to filter by rosters, locations, billing status with automated event reminders, invoices, job reminders, and much more, all tracked to see who has and has not opened it, is nothing short of a technological marvel.

We call it Email Center and think you'll like it too.

Better yet, Email Center is extremely easy to use. Basically, we've developed an enterprise class email communication and reporting platform without complexity, then seamlessly integrated it into everything else that you do to manage your swim team.

SwimOffice: Job Signup Features

Job Signups

Ever feel like you're herding cats when it comes time to get your families to help out at events and swim meets? Not anymore!

TeamUnify's Job Sign-up & Obligation Tracking system simplifies the entire process for both administrators and families.

Click a button to send a templated email to your entire team that invites them to visit the job sign-up page. From there, families will commit to the jobs they desire, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Volunteer management has never been easier!

Your team administrator responsible for getting families to their jobs will eliminate hours of wasted time, enabling FAR greater family participation. Most of all, you will wipe away the frustration of getting volunteers to participate at your events.

Does your team require parent involvement, charging those that don't participate? If so, simply set the rules and SwimOffice will take care of the rest. Automatically calculating the financial penalties and invoicing families for the exact amount required when you want.

Discover unrivaled power and speed that is unlike any else, seamlessly integrated into your SwimOffice website.

SwimOffice: Account Registration Features

Account Registration

New and returning swimmer registrations are a snap. With your team's new online registration system you will completely eliminate your current registration paperwork nightmare.

It takes minutes to set up and is integrated directly into your SwimOffice site. Simply establish a registration title, set different open dates for new and returning members, create registration limits, set fees, create multi-swimmer discounts, and much more.

Create an informational landing page and select 1, 2, or 3 of the templated waiver forms all with "clickwrap" digital signature tracking. Customize the success page and even create/edit the templated registration email.

Email registration announcements to an unlimited amount of contacts within TeamUnify's Email Center. Sit back and watch as registrations and money pour in. All tracked and managed right within your SwimOffice site.

SwimOffice: Payment Processing Features

Payment Processing

Billing and collecting money is your team's lifeline. We also know that it's one of the toughest tasks that any team faces.

TeamUnify's comprehensive understanding of your team's cash flow needs has produced a billing and collections system that alleviates the stress of billing with an impressive amount of automation. Your families will even have private access to their billing information and invoices. Making your billing one thing—simple!

Our system is time tested and bulletproof with thousands of teams having invoiced hundreds of millions of dollars since its inception. Your team can count on the system to deliver results. Your billing and collections process is about to get easier and more accurate than ever before.

Optionally add a fully automated credit card and/or ACH bank draft invoicing system, TUPayments, to take your billing and collection process to all new heights. The most effective way to process and increase your team's cash flow.

Improve your team's billing and collection process and make it happen with FAR less effort with the TeamUnify Billing System.

PCI DDS 3.1 Compliant

TeamUnify’s software solutions are PCI DSS 3.1 compliant. TeamUnify has met and surpassed all standards required by the PCI Security Standards council. To achieve this standard, we have invested heavily in state-of-the-art network security software, security management policies, network architecture, and software design. Our policies are constantly evaluated and upgraded to focus on protecting cardholder data.

What is PCI Compliance?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a proprietary information security standard for organizations that handle branded credit cards from the major card brands including Visa, MasterCard and Discover. The standard covers everything related to accepting payment cards, and to storing, processing and transmitting cardholder data. The PCI standard was created to increase controls around cardholder data to reduce credit card fraud via data exposure.

How Did TeamUnify Become PCI Compliant?

TeamUnify has partnered with CompliancePoint to counsel, guide, and continuously monitor our company in establishing corporate security policies and provisioning technical infrastructure to ensure that we meet all PCI data security standards. These standards include strict requirements for businesses that store, process and transmit payment cardholder data for online payments.

What Does This Mean for You?

Because TeamUnify maintains a secure network for all of our customers, you, your team, your families, and your customers can feel safe utilizing the TeamUnify software to process electronic payments. We automatically, at no additional cost, provide you with the tools you need to prove that your site is PCI Compliant, and handle this entire process for you on a regular and on-going basis for your team.

SwimOffice: Meet Declaration Features

Meet Declaration

Revolutionize the way your team and coaches gather, verify, and approve swim meet commitments with TeamUnify's Meet Declaration system.

No more sign-up sheets, random e-mails, conversations on deck, and phone calls to find out who's attending next week's meet. Coaches simply send a templated email to a roster group or the entire team, inviting your families to declare their swimmer's participation or not, in the upcoming meet.

The swimmer declarations automatically drop into the TeamUnify Meet Entry system. No more transferring paper-based commitments into a meet entry system. Saving your coaches valuable time and improving the meet declaration process for families and administrators alike.

Coaches set how your families declare based on days and sessions or indicate which events they would like to swim. Your families and swimmers will love the system and you will discover coaches spending FAR less time managing this process than ever before.

SwimOffice: Meet Entry Management Features

Meet Entry Management

TeamUnify's Meet Entry creation system is seamlessly linked to the Meet Declaration system, enabling coaches to enter their swimmers into events FAR faster than ever before.

Coaches quickly build meet entries by swimmer with our powerful QuickEntries system or by event using our intuitive interface. Need to build relays? Our entry system gives coaches the power to automatically build relays based on best times or the flexibility to manually build teams based on your specific criteria.

Multiple coaches can enter swimmers in the same meet at the same time, from different locations, dramatically speeding up the entire meet creation process. No more sharing computers!

Once the meet entries are created and approved, families and swimmers can sign in and see which events they will swim. Even better, billing families for meet fees is a snap with the seamless connection to the TeamUnify Billing system.

TeamUnify’s Commitment Log takes tracking to a whole new level. Want to know who made changes to a swimmer’s commitment, events, or entry times? This revolutionary system tracks all changes made per event, giving you the information you need to search for, track down, and keep up-to-date on your meet entry management.

Everything you need to create and administer your meet is built right into the system. When combined with the Meet Declaration system, the meets you attend will have FAR more swimmers attending in FAR less time. This enables coaches to spend more time coaching and less time administrating.

SwimOffice: Tracking & Reporting Features

Tracking & Reporting

The meet is over and you've uploaded the meet results. Now let TeamUnify's Time Tracking system enable your families to sign in to their private accounts to interactively view their swimmer's times, and even compare their times to LSC and National Time Standards to see their best times in each individual event. You can also view and search all results in the entire meet for one or more swimmers, for all teams, who were at the meet and print reports.

As administrators, the system maintains your entire team's time histories. You can run and export tons of reports including top times by events and athletes, points, improvements, single meet improvement and much more.

Then easily publish the reports with a few simple clicks directly on your team's website. We've even included the ability to quickly build searchable team records.

There's no need to worry about backing up your data! TeamUnify's fast, secure, and reliable infrastructure ensures all of your swimmer's time data will be there when you need it.


Take Your Team Branding to the Next Level

When it comes to standing out and branding your team, visual design has a huge impact on your team's online image. TeamUnify's team of skilled graphic designers are ready to get your team and website looking its best.

From a custom website template to a new custom team logo, the entire process is fun, inexpensive, and best of all you're going to love your new look!

Custom Template Design

Let TeamUnify's design professionals customize your team website. Our designers will handle all of the details, respond to your feedback, and deliver a stunning new team website that will help you to stand out from the field. It's an unbeatable value that will improve how your team is perceived by current families and those looking to join your team. Investing in your online image is a proven solution for increasing athlete retention and providing new member growth!

Template Customizations Defined

Other Examples

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example 1
example 2
example 3
example 4

Custom Logo Design

Your team logo is your calling card. From your website, banners and bumper stickers to your team apparel and swim caps. A logo that delivers maximum impact is a critical component of your team's image. Letting the TeamUnify designers create a masterpiece will be one of the best investments your team will make. Do it today!

What's included in your Logo Redesign:

  • Full color and black/white logo design
  • Allows for two client reviews and modifications
  • Design formatted for the web (bitmap)
  • Integrated into current or custom web template
  • Design formatted for all print graphics (eps, jpeg, and pdf)


(Click to view large images)
example 1
example 2
example 3
*If your existing logo requires that our designers must re-create/re-work your logo due to limited image detail and/or other constraints, you will be required to pay the logo creation fee. Hand-drawn logos will not be accepted.

The genesis for TeamUnify started when Tom Fristoe became President of Tri Valley Masters Swim Team, as well, his association with Pleasanton Seahawks Swim Team, where his three daughters swam. Tom witnessed the repetitive tasks and issues that these volunteer run teams face everyday and how each struggled to effectively manage themselves. The core issue is that data and process was not centralized. In-turn the part-time administrators struggled to be effective. Everyone was working on separate tasks from separate islands of data. The scenario begged to be fixed by moving the tasks and information into one central location.

Tom and long-time friend Ming Lee started the long development process of engineering and then re-engineering the platform as they learned what worked best to enable the greatest productivity with the least amount of work. In the summer of 2007 TeamUnify moved from the "helping stage" and incorporated. The name TeamUnify was chosen because is represents our mission to unify a team together. In the process, we re-located to Bend, Oregon and opened our offices.

The full-time effort quickly delivered results. We raced from a handful of teams to 1,000+ and are now growing at nearly 40 new teams every month. Add to this, the revolutionary family of mobile products called OnDeck, TeamUnify continues to establish new standards for how swim teams, coaches and lessons programs will manage themselves more effectively with less effort. The result is a software platform, designed specifically for swimming, that delivers centralized business process optimization that's really easy-to-use. The platform is time tested, with intelligent automation, SwimOffice will help a swim team perform far better than today. See a Demo today.

At TeamUnify, we know that data security is crucial. This is why it's a top priority. We devote significant resources to continually develop our security infrastructure. When the TeamUnify service is accessed using Internet Explorer version 6.0 or later, Firefox version 2.0 or later, or Safari version 3.0 or later, Secure Socket Layer (“SSL”) technology protects your data using both server authentication and data encryption. These technologies help ensure that your data is safe, secure, and only available to you through use of your username and password. TeamUnify is hosted in a secure server environment that uses a firewall and other advanced technology to prevent interference or access from outside intruders. TeamUnify also offers enhanced security features within the service that permit customers to configure security settings to their level of comfort. Here are additional security measures we take to protect your information:

Physical Security
Our production equipment is collocated at a facility that provides 24-hour physical security, redundant electrical generators and other backup equipment designed to keep servers continually up and running.

Data Encryption
TeamUnify leverages encryption products to protect customer data and communications, including 128-bit Thawte SSL Certification. The lock icon in the browser indicates that data is shielded from access while in transit.

User Authentication
Users access the TeamUnify service only with a valid user name and password combination, which is encrypted via SSL while in transmission. Users are prevented from choosing weak or obvious passwords. Users must enter their user name and password for each login.

Operating System Security
TeamUnify provides operating system-level security by using a minimal number of access points to all production servers. We protect all operating system accounts with strong passwords, and production servers do not share a master password database. All operating systems are maintained at each vendor's recommended patch levels for security and are hardened by disabling and/or removing any unnecessary users, protocols, and processes.

Database Security
Whenever possible, database access is controlled at the operating system and database connection level for additional security. Access to production databases is limited to a number of points, and production databases do not share a master password database.

Server Management Security
TeamUnify employees do not have direct access to the TeamUnify production equipment, except where necessary for system management, maintenance, monitoring and backups. The TeamUnify engineering team provides all system management, maintenance, monitoring, and backups.

For more information regarding privacy and security and for information regarding security researchers and how they can report security issues to TeamUnify, see our full Privacy Statement, located here

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