Fundraising Made Prolific

Powerful Fundraising Tools to Empower Online Giving

TUMoney: Fundraising Made Prolific

Empower Online Giving

TUMoney is the most comprehensive and powerful fundraising and online giving platform ever designed for a swim team. The moment you initiate your first fundraising event you'll see the TeamUnify difference.

Seamlessly Integrated Into the SwimOffice Management System

Our thoughtful design and precise integration into your TeamUnify powered website will dramatically improve the fundraising events you run. Everything is centralized within your team website.

TUMoney handles everything. From setup, promotion, and reporting to potential donor marketing and participation in your fundraising event. There is no other fundraising platform that offers the integration, market know-how, and functional capabilities that TUMoney delivers.

Administration Made Easy, So Every Team Can Participate

TUMoney Fundraising platform has been designed to eliminate administrator, participant, and donor guesswork and automate most of the fundraising process. Resulting in fundraising events that raise more money; driving your team to financial success and freedom.

Eliminate Team Budget and Financial Constraints Forever

TUMoney's suite of fundraising tools will help any team raise more money than ever thought possible. With multiple ways to fundraise for your team, the TUMoney platform will help you to alleviate the financial constraints of running a swim team. Financial freedom made easy!


Event Fundraising

The world's first and only technology platform designed to run a USA Swimming Foundation branded fundraising event. So good in fact, it's the only platform that's been exclusively approved and endorsed by The USA Swimming Foundation. With tens of millions raised by our teams, we promise you'll be impressed too!

Exclusive Program Partner

TeamUnify is the exclusive program partner for USA Swimming Foundation Swim-A-Thon™ Fundraising Events. The partnership will improve team communication, swim times and records management. Your Swim-A-Thon™ Fundraising Event's swim meet and event management has never been easier and more organized. Additionally, the TeamUnify system will enable coaches and parents to quickly access information via any device at any time.

Be Empowered to Promote Events

The Event Fundraising platform is designed to meet the precise needs of team administrators to initiate, promote, and track Swim-A-Thon™ or other types of fundraising events. Events will produce astonishing financial results with a fraction of the effort. As always, the Event Fundraising tools are seamlessly integrated into your TeamUnify team website. Delivering a professional appearance to impress families and potential donors to give FAR more.

  • Powerful setup and promotional tools to reach families with ease
  • Integrate and promote team sponsors into participant landing pages
  • Pre-created and editable email templates to eliminate invention
  • Add and track offline donors plus integrated support
  • Powerful reporting tools—track by account, donor, then export results
  • Create custom incentive programs w/ automated participant reporting

Results Delivered in Real-Time

The TUMoney Event Fundraising platform has been designed to eliminate administrator, participant, and donor guesswork while automating most of the fundraising process. The result: Fundraising events that raise more money!

  • Point & click participant setup
  • Innovative lane-line progress bar
  • Promote to many with ease
  • View real-time results
  • Easily link to social networks
  • Compare to other participants
  • Track personal incentive results

The genesis for TeamUnify started when Tom Fristoe became President of Tri Valley Masters Swim Team, as well, his association with Pleasanton Seahawks Swim Team, where his three daughters swam. Tom witnessed the repetitive tasks and issues that these volunteer run teams face everyday and how each struggled to effectively manage themselves. The core issue is that data and process was not centralized. In-turn the part-time administrators struggled to be effective. Everyone was working on separate tasks from separate islands of data. The scenario begged to be fixed by moving the tasks and information into one central location.

Tom and long-time friend Ming Lee started the long development process of engineering and then re-engineering the platform as they learned what worked best to enable the greatest productivity with the least amount of work. In the summer of 2007 TeamUnify moved from the "helping stage" and incorporated. The name TeamUnify was chosen because is represents our mission to unify a team together. In the process, we re-located to Bend, Oregon and opened our offices.

The full-time effort quickly delivered results. We raced from a handful of teams to 1,000+ and are now growing at nearly 40 new teams every month. Add to this, the revolutionary family of mobile products called OnDeck, TeamUnify continues to establish new standards for how swim teams, coaches and lessons programs will manage themselves more effectively with less effort. The result is a software platform, designed specifically for swimming, that delivers centralized business process optimization that's really easy-to-use. The platform is time tested, with intelligent automation, SwimOffice will help a swim team perform far better than today. See a Demo today.

At TeamUnify, we know that data security is crucial. This is why it's a top priority. We devote significant resources to continually develop our security infrastructure. When the TeamUnify service is accessed using Internet Explorer version 6.0 or later, Firefox version 2.0 or later, or Safari version 3.0 or later, Secure Socket Layer (“SSL”) technology protects your data using both server authentication and data encryption. These technologies help ensure that your data is safe, secure, and only available to you through use of your username and password. TeamUnify is hosted in a secure server environment that uses a firewall and other advanced technology to prevent interference or access from outside intruders. TeamUnify also offers enhanced security features within the service that permit customers to configure security settings to their level of comfort. Here are additional security measures we take to protect your information:

Physical Security
Our production equipment is collocated at a facility that provides 24-hour physical security, redundant electrical generators and other backup equipment designed to keep servers continually up and running.

Data Encryption
TeamUnify leverages encryption products to protect customer data and communications, including 128-bit Thawte SSL Certification. The lock icon in the browser indicates that data is shielded from access while in transit.

User Authentication
Users access the TeamUnify service only with a valid user name and password combination, which is encrypted via SSL while in transmission. Users are prevented from choosing weak or obvious passwords. Users must enter their user name and password for each login.

Operating System Security
TeamUnify provides operating system-level security by using a minimal number of access points to all production servers. We protect all operating system accounts with strong passwords, and production servers do not share a master password database. All operating systems are maintained at each vendor's recommended patch levels for security and are hardened by disabling and/or removing any unnecessary users, protocols, and processes.

Database Security
Whenever possible, database access is controlled at the operating system and database connection level for additional security. Access to production databases is limited to a number of points, and production databases do not share a master password database.

Server Management Security
TeamUnify employees do not have direct access to the TeamUnify production equipment, except where necessary for system management, maintenance, monitoring and backups. The TeamUnify engineering team provides all system management, maintenance, monitoring, and backups.

For more information regarding privacy and security and for information regarding security researchers and how they can report security issues to TeamUnify, see our full Privacy Statement, located here

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