Club Mission

To provide an opportunity for individual swimmers to reach their maximum potential through a positive experience in sport. We also encourage and foster individual growth, team spirit and sportsmanship through a positive experience within the sport.

Club Vision

High River Tigers Swim Club will provide a sustainable and nationally recognized community based competitive swim program for the greater High River area.

Club Objectives

Promote non-competitive and competitive programs for the development of competitive swimmers in High River and area.

Teach, develop and refine competitive swimming skills including stroke technique, fitness and conditioning, mental skills, and nutrition.

Provide an opportunity for swimmers to learn a sport that can be enjoyed throughout ones’ entire life.

Provide for all levels of swimmers the training and competition consistent with ability, needs, desires, attitudes and performance; while maintaining a commitment to competitive excellence.

Create a unique peer support and social group that will enhance each individual’s swimming experience and ability to achieve personal goals.

Provide club members and their families with opportunities and training for self-development and leadership in the management and operation of the club and of swimming competitions.

Provide opportunities for social and emotional development where every swimmer counts.

Provide opportunities to learn sportsmanship and to become aware of team co-operation and pride