Welcome to the Carleton Place Water Dragons!

The Carleton Place Water Dragons (CPWD) swim club is a volunteer run, not for profit organization. Our goal is to promote, foster and teach the sport of swimming and to provide the opportunity for our members to achieve the highest level of performance based on their inherent abilities. We encourage personal growth, friendship and sportsman like behaviour. CPWD attempts to strike a balance between competition, racing skills and stroke development, and ensuring that all swimmers can satisfy their own personal swimming goals. These goals may range from high-level competitive success, to learning good swimming skills and achieving fitness while having fun in a team environment. 

What do we have to offer?

If you or your child(ren) have the desire to swim, look no further! CPWD offers programs for swimmers of all ages and abilities. Our programs encompass the non-competitive, or competitive individuals, or those who can see the benefit of swimming as part of a cross training regimen. Schedule a complimentary evaluation with our Head Coach to determine which of the CPWD programs is the best for you or your child’s/youth’s skill level by contacting our Registrar via


The smooth running of the CPWD depends on many factors; the foundation is a basic set of rules and policies. These rules and policies have been developed over the years and are the result of careful consideration. Many of the rules and policies are designed so that your child will derive the most from her/his swim team experience.