Team Info.

No Practice Dates 18/19 Season: Nov 24th/25th, Dec 8th, Dec 22nd/23rd, Dec 29th/30th, Jan 12th, Feb 16th, Feb 23rd


Encourage swimmers to attend as many practices as possible. The season goes by very quickly and practice is the best way for swimmers to improve their basic swimming skills and techniques.

Swimmers should arrive approximately 15 minutes before practice begins.

Swimmers with long hair are advised to wear a swim cap.

All swimmers are advised to wear goggles.

Please speak with your swimmer(s)’ coach(s) as much as possible, but please do so before or after practice as to not distract the coach from teaching the swimmers.

Do not be afraid to ask the coaches or aquatic facility supervisor if you have any questions. 

 Parents are welcome to attend practices and watch their swimmers improve, though we ask that parents sit a few feet away from the pool itself so as not to distract the swimmers.

 Familiarize yourself with the head coach. He/She will have the most information.

 Swimmers and parents should check their boxes after practices. Ribbons and flyers for upcoming events are located there.

There are no practices on days that there are meets. The meet may be at a different time than the practices are scheduled, but there is still no practice.

There are no practices during the week.

Each swimmer should receive an Arlington Otters Swim Team T-Shirt on picture day. If he or she misses picture day and does not receive one, please see a coach and they will provide you with a shirt!


Dual meets are approximately two and a half hours, sometimes running long, and often ending early.

There is a slight possibility that meets will be called before their completion due to time constraints.

 Neither Speedos nor “Jammers¨ are necessary for boy swimmers, though they are welcomed.

 Each swimmer will swim three events at a dual meet.

Please volunteer your time as much as possible. The efficiency of the meet depends upon parent volunteers. No experience is necessary.

All changes should be made 48 hours prior to the with the coach as quickly as possible.

 If there are changes in the meets that your swimmer is available for, please communicate with coaches before the meet.

 At dual meets, swimmers will receive ribbons for every event they swim, unless they are disqualified. (Disqualification criteria is located in the Program Rules)

 Swimmers should arrive at least 15 minutes before Warm-Up starts at meets in order to find their coaches and get ready to start Warm-Up on time.

It is very difficult to accommodate for late arrivals at the dual meets. If your swimmer is late he/she is not guaranteed three events.He/she will not be entered in the line-up if he/she has not signed up for the dual meet.

AHPD Championships

  A scratch meeting will be held before the start of the meet on Saturday, February 23rd. Any swimmers that have not checked in with a coach by that time will forfeit their events.

 The meet will be approximately 4 hours long.

 Volunteers for this meet are scheduled in approximately two hour shifts; events 1-20 and events 21-40.

 More volunteers are needed for this meet than any other, so please volunteer.

 Please commit to attend the meet online no later than Saturday, February 18 if your swimmer will not be participating in AHPD Championships. 

 Ribbons/Medals are awarded to the swimmers with the overall top 6 times per event (not heat). First place will receive a medal.

Bleacher seating is very limited at Olympic Indoor Swim Center, so please bring a lawn chair from home for your convenience.

Programs will be available at the meet.

A concession stand will be open throughout the meet.