About Us


Team Rally Aquatics offer courses for students at all levels to learn, from beginners to
advanced and from children to adults. Different levels of classes focus on the specific
abilities and needs of our students.

If a student from another swim club/team wants to join Team Rally Aquatics, a student
will be assigned to appropriate class based on his/her abilities to continue learning.

Our team focuses on helping students to develop their abilities, discipline, social and
leadership skills, and good work ethics by helping them to reach their potentials. We
provide an extensive care individually to ensure these qualities. 

Our team continues to study and research various methods to provide the best program
that will properly educate our students. Our program is designed to help students to
develop their knowledge, to gain confidence, and to build leadership skills through swimming. 

Team Rally Aquatics has best professional coaches and instructors to educate our students.
Each member of our team representatives is able to meet the needs of our students.

TRA will welcome you on the pool deck!