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About OAQ

Osprey Aquatics (OAQ) is a fully sanctioned member club of USA Swimming. The team comprises all age and ability levels and supports a non-discriminatory membership policy. Osprey Aquatics is a non-profit organization.

The program emphasizes individuality within a team concept. Success is measured by self-improvement and not by comparison to others. Continued self-improvement will naturally lead to success measured against others, but individual improvement is the goal.

Swimmers are taught the latest in world class techniques, stroke mechanics and starts and turns. Osprey Aquatics employs the new paradigms emerging in swimming; the total immersion of Bill Boomer and Terry Laughlin, the applications of Stanford’s Olympic Coach Richard Quick, and many others.

Osprey swimmers use state-of-the art training equipment: snorkels, Tempo Trainers, Zoomers and Mono-Fin Shooters by Finis. These tools enable the coaches to enhance the athletes’ progress and ability to improve their times.

Sports can be used to teach character. Osprey Aquatics members maintain an attitude of accountability, respect for others and caring for one another. Coaches and athletes do not swear or tell dirty jokes. Mean spirited put-downs and teasing is not tolerated. Swimmers are shown how to succeed through goal setting, hard work and dedication. The learning of and application of new skills are stressed. Swimmers are taught to pursue excellence in the pool through establishing good practice and personal habits, and then encouraged to apply them to each area of their life.

This comprehensive approach sets us apart:

  • State of the art technique
  • A complete approach to each child’s development
  • Committed, professional coaching


Past "State of the Team" Letters by Head Coach Brian Bolster