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Our mission is to BUILD BETTER SWIMMERS through our standards of training, excellent coaching and providing a positive environment to develop the skill and character of our swimmers.

Do Your Kids Love To Swim & Have FUN In The Summer?

One of the single best sports you can teach your kids is swimming! It's not only super fun but it is also a great skill to learn & a great way to give your kids something to do in during the summer months.

And that is exactly what the Millennium Marlins is! An exciting summer swim club for kids of all ages in the Sherwood Park area!

The Marlins is a competitive summer swim club that is designed to help your kids learn how to swim better, meet other kids & have fun at exciting swim meets throughout our region.

If your kids are 5 or older they will probably love the experience, get into great shape and have a lot of fun.

Here's How It Works:

Every week starting in May and going through till early August, your kids will come to the Millennium Place pool and get lessons from one of our highly trained and fun Coaches.

These leasons will not only just teach your kids how to be safe in the water BUT also how to peform all the competitive swimming strokes. Like the breast stroke, free style, back stroke and the Fly! (Yes - even 5 and 6 year old kids learn these strokes!)

Then most weekends you have the option of coming out to one of the exciting summer swim meets within the Sherwood Park Region. This is where your kids will race against other kids in the same age group who are from other summer swim clubs.

Don't worry - this is not the Olympics! It's a lot of fun and most kids think it is the single best part of the summer swim club experience.

The Bottom Line...

Your kids are going to have A LOT of fun, learn how to become really good swimmers & meet a LOT of other kids. Not to mention the fun you will have as a parent getting to interact with other like minded parents & probably develop some new frendships.

Why Summer?

Chances are very good that your kids are involved in other sports and activities during the school year. So that is why the summer swim club is such a great option for your kids. They are not going to misso ut on any of the other activies they are in! Plus swimming is the BEST sport for cross-training for your kids who are involved in other winter sports.

Here's The Cool Part:

The summer swim club is very relaxed! Most families take a few weeks off for summer holidays and other activities that come up during the summer - so don't worry! Your not required to show up to every single swim meet or practice.

How To Find Out More Information & Discover If Becoming A Marlin Is Right For Your Child

Step #1 - Email our Team Registrar (  and she can answer any question you have about the Marlins!