General Information


Welcome to the Wakefield Chapel Wahoos Swim Team!  We are excited for the 2019 swim season and look forward to working with all of the Wakefield Chapel Wahoo families whose spirit makes this one of the best swim clubs in the NVSL!   Our goal for 2019 is to create a fun, supportive environment where swimmers of all ages and abilities improve their swimming technique while embracing the enthusiastic spirit of the Great Wahoo!

On Saturday mornings in 2019, the Wahoos will compete in Division 1 of the Northern Virginia Swim League (“NVSL”). The other teams in Division TBD of the NVSL include Chesterbrook, Highlands, McLean, Overlee, and Tuckahoe.  We will also compete in Developmental Meets, which are open to all Wahoo swimmers, on Monday evenings. 

Practice Times

                                      May 28 – June  13 *             June 14 – July 24

All 11 & Over                  4pm - 5pm                             7:30am - 9am  (8am - 9am on Fridays only)

7-10                               5pm - 6pm                             9am - 10am

6 & Under                       6pm - 6:45pm                       10am - 11am

* Swimmers who attend schools that release too late to attend the 4:00pm practice may attend the 5:00pm practice until morning practices begin on Friday, June 14th.

Wahoos Schedule

The Wahoos participate in two separate swim leagues.  Saturday morning swim meets are part of the Northern Virginia Swim League (NVSL).  There are five NVSL meets (A Meets) during the summer swim season.  Participants in the NVSL meets are identified by the coaches based on swimmers recorded event times. 

The Wahoos also participate in Developmental Meets (B Meets).  There are typically five developmental meets during the swim season, held on Monday nights.  Swimmers that meet the eligibility guidelines are strongly encouraged to sign up and swim in as many meets as possible.

The 2019 Wahoo Meet schedule is included below.

May 28:           First day of practice

June 14:          morning practices begin!

June 15:          Time Trials @ WCRA, 8:30am

June 17:          Make-up Time Trials @ WCRA, 10am

June 21:          Wahoos team photo & pasta dinner  @ WCRA, 5:30pm

June 22:          A-Meet - Tuckahoe @ WCRA, 9am

June 24:          B-Meet - Wahoos @ Somerset-Olde Creek, 6pm

June 29:          A-Meet - Wahoos @ Chesterbrook, 9am

July 1:             B-Meet - Chesterbrook @ WCRA, 6pm

July 6:             A-Meet - Overlee @ WCRA, 9am; Wahoos Senior Day & Team Picnic @ WCRA, 11:30am

July 8:             B-Meet - Wahoos @ Donaldson Run, 6pm

July 10:           Divisional Relay Carnival @ Overlee, 6:30pm

July 13:            A-Meet - McLean @ WCRA, 9am

July 15:           B-Meet - Kent Gardens @ WCRA, 6pm

July 17:            All-Star Relay Carnival @ Lincolnia, 4pm

July 20:            A-Meet - Wahoos @ Highlands, 9am

July 22:          B-Meet - Poplar Heights @ WCRA, 6pm

July 27:           Individual Divisionals @  Tuckahoe, 9am; Wahoos Swim Banquet @ WCRA, 4:30pm

Aug 3:             Individual All-Stars @ Springboard, 9am

Wahoo Swim Team Coaches

Head Coaches:                                    Aubrey May 

Assistant Coaches:                             Micah McIntyre, Jason Gerber

Lane Coaches:

Ty McIntyre         Madelyn Donohoe        Charlotte Tury        Joseph Schaefer        Lucy Sicks       

Han Byun        Emily Allen        Madeline Pinkston        Anna Stribling        Jeff Gerber       

Nick Parker        Patrick Read        Victoria Sprance        Emily Hruska        Emilee Ferrari       

Barbara Soto            Emmy Rummel        Mikaely Griffin        James Tury        John Schaefer