General Information


Welcome to the Wakefield Chapel Wahoos Swim Team!  Though the Northern Virginia Swim League (NVSL) has canceled the 2020 season, we are excited to offer a swim training program for Wahoo swimmers.

The following is the WCST WAHOOS plan to offer fitness swimming for our team members this summer.  This is dependent on Fairfax County entering & remaining in Phase 2 of the Governor’s plan.  These guidelines may be updated as circumstances evolve.


WCST Wahoos - 2020 Swim Fitness Program (updated 6/29/20)

We should all expect this summer to be DIFFERENT.  Our goal is to provide a fitness swim program for the kids.  We will focus on conditioning and technique/stroke improvement.


Virginia’s Phase 2 guidelines limit pools to 3 swimmers per lane.  With 8 full lanes at WCRA, we can accommodate up to 24 swimmers at a time.  While Virginia is moving to Phase 3 (Wednesday 7/1), the Wahoos Swim Team 2020 program is not changing.  We will continue to use the same entry, practice, and exit procedures we've been using in Phase 2.


These practices are designed to keep kids swimming & improving, not teach swimming. 

Swimmers must be 7 or older as of June 1st AND comfortable swimming LAPS independently (in a deep lane.  With a 3 per lane swimmer limit, we cannot plan for kids to be assigned a shallow lane where they can touch the pool bottom.  Swimmers under the age of 10 may be subject to a swim test.)


UPDATE: - Registered swimmers may swim Monday through Friday in their practice time slot:

                    7am – 7:45am:          coaches & swimmers age 15+

                    8am – 8:45am:          swimmers age 12+

                    9am – 9:45am:          swimmers age 10+

                    10am – 10:45am:      swimmers age 7+


We must minimize contact between swimmers and coaches.  All swimmers MUST bring their own goggles.  There will be NO borrowing or sharing of equipment.  If your swimmer has a kickboard, they should bring it to and from each practice.  Kick boards can be provided if you do not have one.  (They will be cleaned at the end of practice.)


Swimmers will enter from the back gate.  They will space out while waiting for the gate to open.  They will not enter the pool area until instructed by the coaches.  All swimmers must already be in suits for practice, with their swim cap and sunscreen already on.  Swimmers should bring water bottles from home; the water fountain is available for refilling.  Hand sanitizer will be given to each swimmer as they enter the property.  Personal gear is to be placed in a designated area per swimmer.  Coaches will provide specific lane assignments for each swimmer.


Any swimmer who feels at all unwell should skip practice that day!  Any swimmer exhibiting signs of sickness will be turned away from practice and sent home. 


Swimmers of the first group will arrive at 7am.  For later practice sessions, swimmers must line up outside the back gate, properly distanced from one another, and wait for instruction to be let in.  Swimmers must be picked up after their practice or go home on their own right away.  Parents of younger children may either wait in the parking lot, or plan on returning promptly (45 minutes past the hour) for pickup.  We cannot have additional people on site while practices are going on.


Practice takes place for the allotted time.  Practice duration is 45 minutes per group. 


Restrooms are to be used for emergencies only.  Please plan accordingly so swimmers will not need to use the bathroom at the pool. 


At the end of practice, coaches will call the kids out of the pool by lane to exit, in order to maintain social distancing.  Swimmers will wrap their towel around them, gather their gear, and exit through the side (Pavilion) gate to avoid contact with swimmers waiting to enter the next practice.


There will be a 15-minute gap between practices to allow for cleaning. 


The program will run from Monday, June 15, through Friday, July 31.  Traditionally, team practices end the week of NVSL Divisionals (previously scheduled for 7/25).  This year we will continue with the established practice schedule for one additional week.


We need to stress to parents that if you sign up your kid(s), you are agreeing to all the above.  A waiver detailing swimmer and parent responsibilities will be included in the registration process.  Any swimmer not following best practices OR who cannot swim the required independent laps will be asked to leave the program as this is a matter of safety.  NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN in these cases. 


Swim team registration fee will be the same for everyone for the entire season.  It will not be prorated for late registration.  The registration fee this year will be discounted slightly to $145 per swimmer, with a $565 cap per family.  Please note:  we understand that the modified season would imply that a discount is in order.  But under normal circumstances, the swim team generates additional revenue through meet snack bars, which subsidize the registration fees.  That option is not available this summer. 


Registration is NOW open.  Practices begin Monday, 6/15.

Please reach out to the Wahoos Swim Reps with additional questions.


Wahoo Swim Team Coaches

Head Coach:  Aubrey May 

Assistant Coaches:  Maddie Donohoe, Ty McIntyre                           

Lane Coaches:  Brigid Donohoe, Emilee Ferrari, Jeff Gerber, Kathleen Modder, Meghan Murray, Jacob Parker, Nick Parker, Brendan Read, Patrick Read, Emmy Rummel, Joe Schaefer (Minnows Lead), John Schaefer, Barbara Soto, Victoria Sprance