Head Coach (Age Group/Senior): Emily Barnes

Novice Coach: Katie Miller

Pool Location: Eisenschmidt Pool

Practice Times:           

  • Novice Group – Monday - Thursday from 5:15 – 6:00 pm
  • Age Group - Monday - Friday from 5:15 - 6:45 pm
  • Senior – Monday – Friday from 5:15 – 6:45 pm

  1. Introduction and Team Philosophy

The Sea Lions Swim Team purpose is the instruction and training of individuals for the purpose of improving and developing their capabilities in swimming.  Our goal is to promote competitive swimming activities for the children of our community, under the sanction and guidance of Oregon Swimming Incorporated (, under the legal limitations of a non-profit organization.

  1. USA Swimming

USA Swimming ( is the National Governing Body for amateur competitive swimming in the United States.  USA Swimming was conceived in 1978 with the passage of the Amateur Sports Act, which decreed that all Olympic sports would be administered independently.  Prior to this Act, USA Swimming was the Competitive Swimming Committee of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU).  Today, USA Swimming headquarters are at the Olympic Training center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  

USA Swimming is charged with the responsibility to formulate rules, conduct national championships, disseminate safety and sports medicine information, select competitors to represent this country in international competition, and ensure the development of its member clubs and age groups.  USA Swimming is the ruling body of sanctioned swimming meets in the United States.

       III. Fees

Sixty-six percent of the revenues of the USA Swimming budget come from non-athletes and membership fees from registered clubs.  Year-round athletes, the club, officials and coaches pay annual registration fees.  The Sea Lions Swim Team is a club member of USA Swimming.  Clubs joining USA Swimming have liability insurance coverage for approved insured activities.  The following is a breakdown of our USA Swimming Registration fees:

  • Club Registration:            $150.00/year
  • Coaches Registration:      $96.00/year
  • Officials Registration:       $76.00/year
  • Swimmer Registration:     $76.00/year

Upon joining the Sea Lion Swim Team, and each October thereafter, every swimmer must register with USA Swimming.  This enables them to swim in meets and pays for USA Swimming liability insurance for each swimmer during USA Swimming sanctioned activities (i.e. meets and practices).

Swimmers are required to pay monthly swim team dues, which are used to pay for coaching salaries and other expenses throughout the month (including pool use and other expenses).

# of Swimmers


Age Group


1st swimmer in family




2nd swimmer in family




3rd swimmer in family




*These monthly dues are subject to change at any time if the team’s relationship with the pool changes or there are additional fees imposed by others.

If a swimmer participates in just one practice during the month, the full monthly dues will be due for the swimmer.  It is the parent/swimmer’s responsibility to notify the coaches if a swimmer will not be participating during a month prior to the beginning of that month to avoid charges.  There may be some months where the team will be taking scheduled breaks where fees may be adjusted accordingly for that period, notifications will be sent to families ahead of time for when this may occur.

Most swim meets (competitions) that the Sea Lions Swim Team participates in will charge meet fees per swimmer.  Each swimmer who wishes to participate in a meet will need to pay the required meet entry fees.  These fees are non-refundable once they have been sent to the team sponsoring the meet, even if the swimmer decides not to participate in the event.

The following is an estimated breakdown of the fees expected for the various types of meets:

  • Dual Meet:         No Cost
  • Invitational:       $3.00-$8.00/swimmer and $2.00/event
  • Championship: $10.00/swimmer and $2.00-$18.00/event

*All fees are subject to change.


Monthly dues are expected to be paid by the 15th of each month.  Checks should be made payable to the “Sea Lions Swim Team” or “SLST” and can be put in the yellow SLST box located in the pool’s front lobby or can be mailed to:


PO Box 902

St. Helens, OR 97051

DUES ARE DELINQUENT AFTER THE 15TH OF THE MONTH, A LATE FEE OF $15 WILL BE CHARGED IF DUES ARE PAID AFTER THE 15TH, NO EXCEPTIONS If continuous late payments incur or a swimmers account of payments due exceeds more than $200 then a swimmer may not be allowed to participate in practice until the account is brought back to “Good Standing” (meaning, there is no outstanding balance greater than 30 days past due).  Parents/swimmers can communicate with the team’s treasurer for questions and/or concerns regarding account balances.


Some additional costs may come with being part of swim team for swimsuits and gear, this can be purchased at  While most gear (kickboards, pull buoys, etc..) is provided to swimmers during practice, you will need to purchase the following:

  • Swimsuit: Female - $30 - $65; Male - $20 - $40
    • A black swimsuit is required for competitions
  • Goggles: $5-$20
  • Swim cap (optional): $5-$15