Bronze Group

This is our entry level group that trains for both USA Swimming Meets. This group is for swimmers who can legally perform the four competitive strokes and are ready to learn more advanced stroke techniques. Swimmers may compete in US sanctioned swim meets.


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Silver Group

Athletes move into this group after Bronze. This group is a transitional level in wich swimmers move from primary stroke instruction to actual competitive training. Careful attention is given to stroke technique. But an equal emphasis begins to be placed on learning how to train.  Swim meets are encouraged. 

Silver Group Coach:
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Gold Group

From the Silver group, athletes move into this group. This group constitutes the first level of the CGAL program at which training is emphasised. Swimmers at this level are provided a strong conditioning background that will prepare them to compete at higher levels of swimming. This group provides committed and motivated young swimmers an opportunity to train seriously and set goals for state and regional competitions. Competing at swim meets is highly encouraged at a rate of at least once per month.

Gold Group Coach: 

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Senior Group

This group is the highest level within the CGAL structure. Swimmers with the necessary background, talent and desire are provided an individualized training program designed for success in Regional and National level compitions. There are requirements set by the head coach to join and remain on the Senior group.


Senior group coach: Tyson Pilling
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