About Us

The BSR "Orange Barracudas" Swim Team consists of a great group of swimmers interested in competing in our 6 week long summer swim season.  We swim as part of the PrinceMont Swim League (PG and Montgomery County pools) and have 5 dual meets on Saturday mornings from June 16th - July 14th. Each Division in the PrinceMont league has 6 teams and each team swims against the other teams in its division. On July 21st the top swimmers from each team meet in a Divisional Championship Meet with all 6 teams represented. Finally, on July 28th, the All Star Meet will place the best swimmers from each Division against each other in one final meet.

Swim Meets - Saturday mornings (June 16th - July 21st)

In 2018 BSR will be swimming as part of the PrinceMont Swim League "C" Division. We will have a 2 Home meets and 3 Away meets this season .  At each meet there are a number of volunteer jobs that we need parents to fulfill. We will post jobs and you will have an opportunity to sign up to be a timer, or a runner, to be the announcer, to help with the snack bar concessions or to help set up beforehand or clean up after the meet.

Please look for information soon regarding donations for Dual Meet concessions stand and the calendar of practices, meets and additional swim team events.

Our Coaches

We are excited to have Coach Stacy Millspaugh back again this year and she will be assisted by Assistant Coaches Sarah Sava and Mary Wenzel. Last year under Coach Stacy we just narrowly missed out on winning our division. We are excited to see what the 2018 Season brings and we are looking forward to many of our swimmers posting fastest times and continuing the improvements they made last season.



Swim Team Swimsuits

We will continue to use the black swimsuit with orange triangle stripes for the 2018 season. This is the TYR Women's Alliance T-Splice Maxfit Black/Orange swim suit. 

You can search for it online from:

If you have a team suit to trade or sell, please contact Tim Smith or our coaches and we can try to connect swimmers who need suits with those who are selling them.

Boys can wear either trunks or jammers and again these should be black with an orange stripe to match the team colors. Any of the websites listed above should also provide links to boys swimwear.



Team Requirements

  • Swimmers must be between 5 and 18 years of age.
  • No competitive swimming experience necessary.
  • Practice will be daily (Mon - Fri) from May 29th to July 20th - see schedule on the Calendar
  • There will be 6 Saturday morning swim meets between June 16th and July 21st.
  • A PrinceMont All Star Meet will be held on July 28th for the top swimmers in each division
  • BSR swimsuits and swim caps must be worn for all swim meets (see above).
  • There will be 2 Tuesday evening meets - the City Relays and the City Meet - between the pools within Bowie only
  • The Jr Swim Team program is for 8 & under only and we will have a Jr Swim Team 'meet' at the end of the season but we hope that some of our Jr Swim Team will compete in the 'B' Meets that are scheduled with local Bowie Pools.