History of Program:

In the spring of 2006 Beloit Parks and Leisure Services, with the help of BMHS Swim Coach Dick Vogel created the Krueger Pool Swim Team for the upcoming summer, at Krueger Municipal Pool.  This program was designed to offer kids that were looking to improve their swimming skills beyond what was offered through lessons.  In the first year we had 20 kids that signed up and participated all summer long. 

During the winter month of 2008-2009 it was decided that we could develop this program if we started to compete with other summer swim teams from around the area.  After making phone calls to other communities we were able to secure 2 swim meets in the summer months of 2009.  With this addition to the program we saw numbers jump immensely from 20 participants to over 80 in three years.  As of the 2013 season we have over 180 participants that continue to come back each year.  We also host our own annual invitational at Krueger Pool.  This event is great for our team and also for the City of Beloit.  We have teams and families that come from out of town, spend money within our community and also get a first-hand look at some of the improvements to the City of Beloit.  The Krueger Pool also benefits from the concessions that are sold during the swim meet.

With such tremendous growth, the parents of the Krueger Swim Team have encouraged the idea of a year round program.  We have reviewed the options and I have met with BMHS Coaches.  All parties involved agree that this would benefit the community and also create an opportunity for the BMHS Swim Teams to have a direct feeder program that that can and will produce quality athletes.  With the commitment from SDB Administration and from the BMHS Coaches year round, kids that are participating in this program will have the opportunity to know their future Middle School and High School Coaches from the first time they get into the pool until they graduate from High School.  This is a benefit that cannot be put into words or shown in graphs, these relationships are priceless and an abnormality in sports.