About CDM Aquatics Federation (CDMAF)

          To fulfill its Mission Statement, Corona del Mar Aquatics Federation (CDMAF) is committed to creating a healthy competitive environment in an atmosphere instilled with high ethical values.  We take pride in the opportunity team sports presents to emphasize personal growth alongside the development of competitive athletics.

         CDMAF encourages girls and boys to achieve their maximum individual potential in a team environment.  The club provides a well-organized age group water polo club program for players ranging from 7-10 year-old beginners with very little skill but lots of enthusiasm and determination to highly decorated and accomplished Olympic athletes like Ryan Bailey, Kelly Rulon, and Tumua Anae, and former Senior Men's National team athletes like Lucas Reynolds.  Prior water polo experience is not required in order to join.

                                                                 A Successful Blend

          World-class water polo coaches, the finest aquatics facility, tremendous parent involvement, and fun-loving, hard-working athletes combine to create one of the greatest experiences a young Southern California athlete could seek.

                                                               What Differentiates Us        

          Elite athletes serve as role models for younger girls and boys in the water polo program.  Current Corona del Mar High School water polo coaches Barry O'Dea and Kevin Ricks set the tone and program for the age group water polo club. In addition to Coach O'Dea's extensive high school and club coaching experience, he has served on USA Water Polo's Olympic Development Program coaching staffs.

            Given the opportunity to observe and talk to some of the nation’s best athletes, a young girl or boy who joins CDMAF will assimilate how great water polo players conduct themselves in practices, scrimmages, and games, as well as with one another, their coaches, teammates, opponents, and officials. CDMAF water polo coaches and parents agree that this is a powerful motivation for young girls and boys.

          Well-organized water polo training trips teach players to be responsible and good ambassadors as they represent CDMAF on the road.

          Marian Bergeson Aquatics Center, CDMAF's home, is a world-class aquatics facility equipped to and frequently the host venue for prestigious international, national, regional, and all-star water polo events.

                                                                    Our Workouts

          CDMAF's workouts help boys and girls understand water polo and teach them techniques they can use in high school and college. Splashball introduces 7-10 year olds to water polo by teaching fundamentals and building athletic skills in and out of the water. Age group water polo players learn basic passing and shooting, as well as different styles of defense and offense. Workouts are structured to progress on a skill path where more complex skills can easily be added to a foundation of knowledge as girls and boys mature and gain confidence in their abilities.

                                                                         Our Values

            CDMAF offers athletes an experience that reaches far beyond a physical fitness program.  We help athletes build self-esteem, character, confidence, and a strong work ethic in an environment that fosters team work.  We encourage all our athletes to apply these values to all aspects of their lives. CDMAF is is operated in accordance with the standards and under the rules prescribed by FINA and USAWP.

                                                    More than just water polo.....

CdM Aquatics celebrates Friendship, Loyalty and Cooperation.  CDMAF coaches, athletes and families take pride in our supportive team environment.
Components of Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success and how they apply to school, sports, and life are considered and incorporated into all aspects of CDMAF's programs