Who are we?

The Amsterdam Sea Rams Swim Club is a non-profit organization committed to achieving excellence in athletics, academics, and public service for close to 20 years. Our goal is to develop competitive swimmers ages 6-18 both as athletes and well rounded young men and women. We strive to provide a positive atmosphere in which to learn and develop the skills of competitive swimming and foster good sportsmanship among its members.

The swim season generally begins the first week of October through Championships in March. This is referred to as the short course swim season. Practices are indoors and most meets occur during the winter months.

We are a USA Swimming Team in the Adirondack League and a member of the summer Suburban and Central Valley Leagues (CVSL). Our rented pool facilities are outstanding and boast an 8 lane 25-yard pool located at the Amsterdam Lynch Literacy Academy - approximately 30 miles west of Albany, NY and centrally located for all teams within the league.

The benefits of competitive swimming includes the following:

  • Opportunity to meet people, make new friends and be a team player
  • Participation in one of the most beneficial forms of cardiovascular exercise
  • Development of the lifetime sport of swimming
  • Development of time management skills, self-discipline, and sportsmanship

Your swimmer will continue to reap the benefits of participation long after his or her association with the Sea Rams Swim Club!

Note: The Sea Rams swim team is open to swimmers from in and around the Amsterdam area (Fonda, Broadalbin, Perth, Johnstown, etc.)

Training Requirements & Practice Groups
Amsterdam Sea Rams is broken up into 3 practice groups. Each swimmer is placed in a given group by their ability to work during practice, how polished their stroke techniques are and how much time a swimmer is willing to commit. It is not based on your meet times, but it is according to your ability and willingness to want to swim to your potential. Swimmers who are committed to multiple sports during the peak swim season will NOT be placed in the Blue (Senior) group. Swimmers who can make only 3 practices per week will be placed in the Green group (Intermediate). Swimming in a competitive program requires more dedication than most other sports. Please note that attendance is taken at every practice!!

White Group (Developmental Group)
Starting group for all NEW swimmers and most swimmers under the age of 10. The four (4) competitive strokes and basic start/turn techniques are taught. Technique comes 1st, speed comes later. Swimming correctly is the athlete's future. Each swimmer is different, some will progress faster than others. Swimmers are REQUIRED to attend 2 practices per week on the designated days. Swimmers will compete at CVSL meets and a few USA Developmental meets.

Green Group (Intermediate Group)
Swimmers have demonstrated the ability to do all four strokes and turns. Swimmers are also capable of swimming full practice sessions without stopping. Swimmers are introduced to endurance and interval training, stroke technique is stressed highly in this group. Most stroke drills are taught and learned. Speed and endurance is developed, but not at the expense of stroke technique. Should be ready, willing and able to spend more time at the pool than the White group. Three practices are required per week, although swimmers are encouraged to attend 4 practices if their schedule permits. Attendance in this practice group will directly correlate to swimmer's technique. Swimmers will compete at CVSL meets and are required to attend some USA meets including Silver & Gold Championships if qualified.

Blue Group (Senior/Top Level Group) – Coach Mike Schanthal - Our most competitive, mature, focused, motivated, and devoted group to swimming. Practice consistency is a MUST. Swimmers are REQUIRED to practice 4/5 times per week with great emphasis on 5 times per week or as directed by the coach. This group of swimmers are the role models for the rest of the team. Review of technique is still emphasized with a very high level of endurance and interval training. Expectations are high for this group. Some of these athletes may practice more than once per day. Swimmers will compete at CVSL meets and are required to attend USA meets including Silver & Gold Championships if qualified.